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Gaming MaleIcon YouTuber
 Max Nirenberg (born Maksim Nirenberg, September 8, 1999) known on YouTube as niceXass, is a British Minecraft commentator born in LithuaniaHis most famous gameplay series is Minecraft. He currently has over 3 thousand subscribers on his YouTube channel

YouTube Channels

He has had 6 total YouTube channels.

First Channel : maXas711 Mainly commedy videos. (2006-2012)

Second Channel: EvMaxas An Internet Show with his cousin. (2012-2013)

Third Channel: Maxci (renamed from niceXass) This is niceXass's current channel where he posts his gaming videos, mostly Minecraft. (2012–present)

Fourth Channel: RandomVlogai Lithuanian vlogging channel with his best friend - Bart (2013-2014/inactive)

Fifth Channel: niceXass2 This is niceXass's current second channel which he had made to post games other than Minecraft but now doesn't really use. (2013/inactive)

Sixth Channel: niceXassVSGaming This is niceXass's gaming channel, which is currently inactive. (2013/inactive)

Seventh Channel: Max Nirenberg Personal vlog/sketch channel (2015–present)

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