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Profile: Maxmoefoe
Twitter: @maxmoefoe
Facebook: N/A
Style: Pranks
Date Joined: November 14, 2007
Date Shut Down: N/A
Subscribers: 718,000+*
Videos: 160
Schedule: Unknown
Status: InActive (2 Months+)

Max Stanley (born August 10, 1993) known on Youtube as maxmoefoe is an Australian comedian and video maker. He makes pranks by calling people at different places pretending to be another person. He also makes "Mail Time" videos were he opens every single bit of mail sent by hes fans. Max has as well as his main channel (maxmoefoe) he has other channels as well as he does different types of videos as well eg. vlogging, gaming, and also looking at different pokemon cards.

Personal Life

Max was raised in Perth, Western Australia. He began his youtube channel on November 14th of 2007, and released his first video a year later, which was a Pivot animation. He did not start hes "trolling" videos until four years after he make his first video which was "Trolling on the Internet".

Problems with Youtube

An auto repair shop entitled Lord of the Dings complained that after Max had prank called them, they had recieved even more calls from anonymous prankers, making fun of the store name. Clearly angered by this, the owner filed a complaint, which did not end up going anywhere. This story was also featured on an Australian news channel.

In the fall of 2012, Max posted a video of him pretending to be a 13 year old girl and trolling a pedophile. The video was taken down by YouTube for the content of the video and gave Stanley a second strike  on his channel. Following the guidelines set in place by Google, Max's account was banned for two weeks and he returned to YouTube seeming a bit more enlightened as to what his videos should contain.

YouTube Career

Max has four channels altogether, his main channel having the most subscribers. He does pranks/mail opening on his main channel, gaming on maxmoefoegames, vlogs etc on maxmoefoetwo and things to do with pokemon on maxmoefoepokemon.

Max Stanley's Four Youtube Channels (from most subscribers to least)





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