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Tyler, also known as MeLikeBigBoom or Boom for short, is a gaming youtuber most popular for his tips, tricks and funny moments videos of the game Unturned. He also streams various games on his twitch channel.


Tyler has had several miscellaneous personal channels in the past but created the MeLikeBigBoom channel on September 26, 2012. Starting in January of 2013 he began posting Call of Duty videos. He wasn't proud of these videos and looks back laughing, considering them "horrid." Growth was slow for almost two years until July 2014, where his tip videos of Unturned took off and sent his channel skyrocketing. Since then, his channel has been dedicated to providing information about updates and tricks of the game as well as funny moments of him playing Unturned with friends.


Tyler has had several series in the past, but put all of them on hold supposedly due to school responsibilities.

Wandom Wednesday

Weekly series posted every Wednesday where a ~10 minute let's play is posted of a "wandom" community suggested game. There have been 39 episodes so far.


Weekly series posted every Monday showcasing a popular and interesting Unturned community made mod.

Map Showcase

Weekly series posted every Friday showcasing a popular and interesting Unturned community made map.

Unturned Let's Play

A laid back singleplayer Unturned Let's Play sectioned into 10 minute segments. Tyler has stopped and started this series sporatically.


  • MeLikeBigBoom's face has been shown in his earlier streams several years ago but is now secret. (due to the fact that he has been replaced by an illuminati representative) ((This post has been approved by that particular illuminati representative))
  • MeLikeBigBoom reached 100,000 subscribers on December 8, 2015.
  • His favorite color is orange, though blue follows closely behind.
  • His favorite game of all time is Crackdown, a game he played earlier in his childhood, though he recently played it and thought it was bad.
  • He is 18 years old.