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Mech Riot is a Video Games, Pop Culture and other "Nerd" related content YouTube channel and website. It is hosted by Matt Nolan aka Pixeldroid and Jade aka Persephone. The channel often features Retro video game content as well as Oculus Rift Virtual Reality and recent video game features.


The channel is created in Melbourne, Australia and features various on going series relating to different Pop Culture topics. The first of the main reoccurring series is "PvsP!" where Pixeldroid and Persephone battle it out in a different game each episode. There is an ongoing tally of the score and will ultimately conclude with a surprise losers challenge at the end of each season. Another popular series is "Rift Riot", a show where the guys feature Oculus Rift Virtual Reality demos, there will often be two or three demos per episode.


Mech Riot also has a website that features related articles and all of the videos. There is a comments section on the site for fan discussion as well as a Subreddit.