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―Meg Turney's outro

Meg Turney (born March 12, 1987 (1987-03-12) [age 30]) is an American YouTuber, cosplayer and vlogger who has been a host for both SourceFed and Rooster Teeth as well as running her own channel.

Turney's online career began in 2011 and she began to gain exposure in 2012 when hosting TechKnow for CraveOnline, before she was introduced as a host on SourceFed in early 2013 before she became one of the main hosts of the SourceFedNERD! spinoff channel that same year, and during her stint with SourceFed she also appeared on Nerdist News.

In early 2014 Turney announced she would be leaving SourceFed, making her way to Rooster Teeth where she was hosted The Know as well as voicing the character Neon Katt in Rooster Teeth-produced animation RWBY.

Turney announced in June 2016 that she was leaving Rooster Teeth due to clashes in her personal schedule and the Rooster Teeth schedule.

Personal Life

Since 2013, Meg has been dating Slow Mo Guy Gavin Free.


  • Meg is openly bisexual, and has spoken of her bisexuality in several of her videos
  • Meg is one of eleven siblings (although a few of those siblings are adopted)
  • Meg suffers from anxiety, and has spoken about this a few times in her vlogs

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