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MegaSeedTV or SeedTV is a Gaming YouTuber that was formed In April 2014 by friends David John Hand 22 from Birmingham Vicky Wilson 20 from Manchester UK. Some videos include adult humour that is not suitable for children, They're known for using double face cam in Horror videos, Using pop Culture references, and for mocking each other In jest. They are part of the GameMode5 Network.

Their channel gained a spotlight during their Outlast Series earning them almost 500 subscribers, They mostly focus on Horror and Survival/Open World Video games. They also run a Sunday channel shout out to try and help smaller YouTube channel gain relevance.

On numerous occasions they've made it quite clear that their goal on YouTube "isn't for fame or glory but simply to entertain people and to build a community". You've almost mentioned they will In fact begin to live stream once they hit 1000 subs.