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"Ho ho ho! Helllllo everyone! How is everyone doing? It's MessYourself here (back with/ here with!) ..." 

MessYourself is a British YouTuber who posts humorous funny moments videos. Most of his videos are gaming related including some vlogs. Fan favorites include the Sims 4 series, the GTA 5 series, and the Far Cry Series. He is also known for his extreme reactions and over the top editing.

Personal Life

His real name is Brandon Temasfieldt. He lives with his parents and two sisters in their apartment in Middlesex, England. His motif is a red surprised looking face. He has recently started merchandising, with T-shirts and caps.

Brandon MessYourself claims that he basically starved to manage to get the equipment needed to create a decent channel.[1] However, he says that it was all worth it. 


  • ''That’s the sound of me sucking the titties!''
  • ''Hahahahahahahahaha''
  • ''We're going to kill everyone!!!''
  • ''Shitty-titty!!!!!!!!''


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