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Mgh is a FIFA YouTuber who is known mostly for his career mode series especially his FIFA 13 Arsenal career mode in which he won the champions league when cult hero of the series Marroune Fellani netted an equalizer with the last kick of the ball. During this, Mgh said "I'm gonna have to change my pants after this, I really am. It's gonna get messy".

Relationship with Elin

Mgh met Elin in 2011 or 2012 over YouTube after a Minecraft series they did together which Elin's face was briefly seen when Matt entered Skype during the video. It was taken down a few days later. Elin is also heard in a lot of Mgh's streams mainly his GTA stream after constant fans begging to see Elin. Mgh simply said in a Q&A "She doesnt want to be on facecam so she wont be in them".

In late 2016, Mgh announced on Twitter that he proposed to Elin and she said yes. The date is yet to be announced.