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Nicholas Smith known on YouTube is MicFri, is best known for his brief stint in Ray William Johnson's YouTube music project titled "Fatty Spins".


Fatty Spins

The project also consisted a producer/beat-maker named Breeze. According to Micfri himself, he had no creative input in Fatty Spins; he wrote neither the lyrics nor music to any of the tracks. Ray wrote the lyrics and melody to all of the songs, and Breeze wrote some of the beats.


the group broke up around the time of January 2010, because of royalty issues. Ray William Johnson stated "Micfri and Breeze threatened to sue eachother because of the amount of royalty they would recieve, so I gave my royalties to them to shut them up, but shut down the channel so no one could post videos or make money." According to Micfri, he felt he deserved 50% of the royalties earned, essentially cutting Breeze out. In turn, Breeze felt that he himself deserved 50% of the royalties, due to the fact that Micfri had zero creative input in the group.


Micfri didn't look too kindly on Ray and Breeze's decision to end the music project, and has been live on BlogTV since, stating "I want my shit back!" It has been shown many times that Micfri has been mocking and harrassing Ray, doing so as to comment on most of his BreakingNYC videos. Due to his personal collapse after the fall of the Fatty Spins project, Micfri has gone on BlogTV to do drunken rants where he curses and throws objects about his apartment; in one live incident on BlogTV, he physically struck his wife after she threatened to leave him over his obsession with the Fatty Spins music project. While Micfri continuously states that he is not interested in royalties, he admitted on live BlogTV that he continuously uploads and re-uploads the Fatty Spins tracks to iTunes in order to sell them and earn a profit. Ray, on the other hand, has provided links so that everyone may download them for free. According to both Micfri and Ray, to this day Ray has made zero profit from his own Fatty Spins music project. Due to his overt greediness and his public displays of malice towards his wife, Micfri is widely hated and disrespected within the YouTube community.