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Michael Fox, better known by his username michaelalfox (pronounced Michael A. L. Fox), MALF, or Foxman, is a Canadian YouTuber who makes Let's Plays. He describes himself as "a whacky Canadian here to keep you entertained with silly antics and deep, probing philosophical questions while producing a plethora of gaming videos".[1]

Together with his friends Ryan "Northernlion" Letourneau and Josh "JSmithOTI" Smith, he forms a part of Saving Progress.

Personal life

Michaelalfox - YouTube

michaelalfox's YouTube channel on 3 August 2012.

michaelalfox lives in Toronto where he works at Head Office at his job.[2] Before this, he lived in Saskatchewan.

His favorite number is 6 and his favorite color is dark salmon (e06e52). He loves poutine and goes indoor golfing far too often.

He will occasionally join Northernlion's livestream, the Northernlion Live Super Show, to play games such as Worms Revolution and Pretend Your Xyzzy (a Cards Against Humanity clone).


  • His birthday is on June 2.[3]

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