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Michal Kozelský born (March 12, 2000 (2000-03-12) [age 17]), also known as Michalppz,, is a vlogger and a let's player. He has only one YouTube channel:  – the main channel Michalppz . Sometimes he also makes livestream events. Most of his videos are recorded in Slovak language, but it's known that except Slovakia and the Czech Republic,  he has subscribers also in Great Britain, Poland, Greece, USA and other countries, as mentioned in one of his videos.

He records vlogs, though probably the most known of his vlog series are  Píšem textom piesní prank and Omegle s fanúšikmi His fans are often reffering to him as "The king of Lyrics pranks".


Comedic personality and prankster on YouTube with a channel titled MichalPPZ who specializes in lyric prank videos.


He launched his YouTube channel in August of 2013. He did not begin posting until January of 2014, and began his career on the platform uploading interactions from Omegle.


He frequently collaborates with his friend John Slovy.


He is from Zvolen, Slovakia.


One of his most watched lyric prank videos features the lyrics of Ben Cristovao's "Tabu."

List of the Lyrics pranks

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