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Hey, guys, Micheal P here.

―Micheal P's intro

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Micheal P is a YouTuber who became known when his videos appeared in different ROBLOX meme compilations. The videos themselves consist of him screaming at some points of time.


Not much is known about Micheal P yet, as there are only a few facts about him. He joined YouTube on January 11, 2015. He records videos using unregistered Hypercam and a very low-quality microphone. In every single video, Micheal screams into the mic due to various different things, such as in-game deaths/fails, inappropriate objects/words, jumpscares, and sometimes overexcitement.

Micheal has currently uploaded 27 videos, has over 60,000 subscribers, and has 2.5 million views. He also has a Twitter account and a Twitch channel.


When he played Sonic Adventure, he revealed that he has a fear of whales.

And it's revealed he is a god

He has a face reveal in his video titled untitled video.mp4. But it's unkown whether it's Micheal P or some random ni🅱️🅱️a,