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Miguel (born December 8, 2001 (2001-12-08) [age 16]) is a YouTuber from Montreal, Quebec (Canada). His nationality is Angola and Mexico.


He joined YouTube in the 2nd January 2013, he don't speak really English, but since 27th July 2015, he started to make English videos. He watches YouTube since October 2007 (Age: 5) his 1st video was a video of Winnie the Pooh with the music Soulja Boy. Miguel always wanted to be an actor and voice actor, he's trying to practice to be in actor and doing his efforts. Miguel really likes Teen Titans series and Supernoobs series. Miguel speaks Canadian French, English, Portuguese (Portugal). He don't speak to much Spanish, but he's learning.

Speaking English

Miguel's don't speak very good the English, or writing, but he's learning everyday the English on Netflix. Last time Miguel was writing with bad grammar, but since Jan. 2017, he has improving his grammar at school.


Miguel was making Go!Animate videos since 2015, he was making series with the Comedy World maker, but since Go!Animate retired the older animation (over like since 4 January 2016) he decided to stop making these because YouTubers who makes video of Go!Animate use alot the maker Comedy World and Lil' Peepz. So that's why he quits and stop to make videos of FNAF in Go!Animate version.


Since Miguel quits Go!Animate, he's losing subscribers and views.

French Channel

Miguel has a French Channel with the same name. It's more active then the English Channel. This channel contains vlogs and shows. He has in extra channel which has gaming and FANDUB videos.