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Michael (born February 29, 1992 [age 25]) known on YouTube as Mike's Monster Gaming is an American Gameplay Commentator on YouTube.

Early Life

  • Michael was born in Brooklyn, NY. He attended several schools in New York. During his childhood, he grew up as a shy individually. In Junior high school in high school, he was made fun of her everything in the book.
  • In other words, Michael was in school with his classmates and student specifically told Michael as a insult statement, "Go home you stupid ginger and you have no soul,"  one of the students had been comprehensively said through the abuse statement: "Why are you playing Nintendo games for? It's stupid."
  • He was facing the "one of the worst insult that I probably had to dealt with it" through all of his childhood and stood up for himself and stated as a rant: "I was literally born with 4 fingers on my right hand. I was literally born with no thumb and threw the power surgery, I was lucky enough to be able to have a secondary thumb to be able to grip and be able to have a secondary hand. Honestly, this hand has cause this hand has been giving the alot of ridiculed, I've been made fun of s*** ton of this hand."


  • After graduating from High School, he attended College and earned the College degree. After graduating from College, he started pursuing on his career by doing YouTube Gaming for his entire life. 

Personal Life

On July 13, 2017, Michael is fighting for #NetNeutrality in a "serious issues that affects you and my creator content" on the video. He described that Net Neutrality protects the Internet Service Provider. "It's a scary thought because if we don't have a Net Neutrality, there is so much crap that is already happening."

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