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Mikey Murphy (born May 12, 1998 (1998-05-12) [age 20]) is a comedy vlogger.


Mikey has also begun a career in acting and improv, taking part in the Royal Caribbean series on AwesomenessTV and hosting multiple live events and shows. He has multiple television and movie plans that will surface later in the year. Mikey was born in Central New Jersey and moved to Los Angeles in 2015 in an attempt to be closer to the world of film.

Mikey is one of the most business oriented YouTubers at his audience size; working with large companies from the start such as Burger King, Marvel, Spotify, M&Ms, Disney, and most recently Pixar. His channel is part of the Maker Studios YouTube Network and he is individually managed by Andrew Graham of BigFrame.

While his most well-known videos are the ones he made for his future Wife and Kids, his friendship with YouTuber Luke Korns is also something not to miss. As the two grew closer and closer, so did their channels. They both created an incredible cross promotion marketing platform that allowed them to grow at a similar rate. On July 10, 2014 both Luke and Mikey reached 100,000 subscribers. On November 30, Murphy received one million subscribers with Luke quickly approaching. There are also rumors that the two have an on platform show in the works.