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Miles McKenna (born November 2nd, 1995 [age 22]), known as his Youtube username, MilesChronicles is an FTM trans American YouTuber from Los Angeles, California. He creates comedic videos and vlog entries for his channel from which he bases the majority of his comedy on his sexuality and gender identity. He uses he/him pronouns and identifies as a FTM trans guy. Amy Ordman and Miles were in a relationship until January 19, 2017.

Before Fame

Before he became known to YouTube he had a less-known account which will not be named for privacy's sake, which he created in 2007. He posted videos on there up until 2012, when MilesChronicles was created. On this channel, he did not launch a video until a month after the new channel was created. Few facts are known about Miles' personal life, especially before YouTube, as he tends not to share much in his videos or on social media.

Social Media

Miles has twitter, instagram, and snapchat accounts, with his twitter and instagram being titled "@themilesmckenna" and his snapchat being titled "+mileschronicles". His tumblr account (milesaaronmckenna/tumblr) is generally inactive at the time writing this, with his most recent post being from September.