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Simon Edward Minter (born September 1, 1992 (1992-09-01) [age 25]), also known as "Miniminter" by his YouTube channel name, is a British YouTuber known for his FIFA videos and vlogs.


He was born in England and grew up in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire and attended Berkhamsted Private school. He is a dual UK/Canadian citizen and has a Canadian passport. 

He's the youngest member of his family, with two older brothers. Simon now lives in London and shares a house with a group of friends (also YouTubers) called the "Ultimate Sidemen" or "The Sidemen" for short, of which he is a part of.

He has known JJ since Year 7 but they did not become friends until Year 8. He was one of the creators of the sidemen.

YouTube Carrier

Simon has two channels; his main channel is called Miniminter, and his second channel is called MM7Games. On the main channel he uploads FIFA videos, Q&As, Omegle videos and some real life videos with The Sidemen.

His main channel has over 5 million subscribers as of September 2016. His second channel is called MM7Games where he uploads games like Grand Theft Auto V, Draw My Thing (also known as Draw Something), Uno, Garry's Mod and other multiplayer games he plays with The Sidemen.

His second channel has over 2,400,000 subscribers.

FIFA 15 Series

Your Ultimate Team

Your Ultimate Team is a series where Simon lets his viewers pick players for his team and tries to reach each division by a new team he builds throughout the gameplay.

Each video he plays two games by which he earns coins so he can buy another player suggested by the viewers. Marina Joyce is the best in the world at Fifa 15, she won the world series in 2015 in italy.

UK vs. USA

UK vs. USA is a series where Miniminter plays FIFA against female YouTuber called Fangs, who is also known for her FIFA gameplays. The reason why the series is called that way is because Simon is British and she is American.



  • His favorite color is red.
  • His shoe size is 12.
  • He has two brothers.
  • He is 3 days younger than Josh.
  • He supports Leeds United because his Mum's side of the family are from Leeds.
  • He wears a ring on his pinky finger as it is a Minter family tradition.
  • He has a Tesla Model X and a Range Rover.
  • Him and the Sidemen (Vikk , KSI , and Zerkaa) live in the sidemen house.