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Alayna Fender born (April 1992, 1992 (1992-04-1992) [age 26]), is a Canadian Youtuber who grew up in Stienbach, Manitoba, Canada but moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba before recently moving to Vancouver, British Columbia. Her videos are mainly vlogs. She often does videos with her current boyfriend, Dallas. She also has a second channel called MissAlaynaa. Which started off with her doing beauty videos but during December 2014 was a daily Vlog channel. She called this vlogmas. She has continued vlogs often on this channel. She has worn a cat shirt in almost every video (Although she has since stopped this). She is a big cat lover and has two cats. One white cat called Quitan and a dark grey cat called Bear. A few days before Christmas 2014, Quitan became very ill but, after setting up an Indegogo campaign, raised over $2000CAD and Quitan made a full recovery. In early August 2015 she revealed that, to the surprise of her fans, she is bisexual, and went through traumatizing anxiety as a child and teenager In her "Draw my Life" video. In late 2016, Fender moved to Vancouver, British Columbia from Winnipeg, Manitoba. She stated she had decided this in a trip there earlier that year.

Trivia Edit

  • Fender is bisexual, as she revealed in her "Draw My Life" video.