MisterAmazing is a YouTuber that is mostly known from his Cringe Compilations or his video 'LEAFYISHERE COPIED ME'

Early days of the channel

MisterAmazing started his channel off making a video called '5 Facts McDonald's Doesn't Want You To Know About' and '50 Amazing Facts You Won't Believe Are True'

Cringe Compilations/You Laugh, You Lose

On March 5th 2015 MisterAmazing uploaded his first compilation video. He produced these videos for about a year until his channel was later shut down. Some months later, he produced You Laugh, You Lose videos as well.

Copyright Issues/Channel Takedown

In late February MisterAmazing's channel got taken down due to copyright strikes because compilations do not qualify as fair use. Though, after contacting one individual who submitted a strike against his channel, MisterAmazing was able to have his channel reinstated. 

God Has Left Us and Progressivisms

On the 3rd April 2016 MisterAmazing created his series 'God Has Left Us' which was basically a compilation but with commentary over it. This series, along with Progressivisms, were both short-lived due to his personal distaste with the videos he had been producing. 

Issues with YouTuber LeafyIsHere

Over the course of multiple videos, MisterAmazing gradually began the use of what is today known as the "Outrun" aesthetic, comprised of glossy 80s style visuals and synth-esque music. When popular YouTuber LeafyIsHere began using this same visual style just after MisterAmazing's channel was terminated, MisterAmazing took notice. Upon looking further into the matter, he saw Leafy produced a tweet asking for a video intro mimicking MisterAmazing's own. Upon further investigation, MisterAmazing produced a video about this topic which gained him notoriety among the commentary community. 

Video Essays

After the LeafyIsHere drama he changed his content to video essays which one of his video essays called 'Black Mirror: Dystopia Done Right' which got over 100,000 views