MisterAmazing is a YouTuber that is mostly known from his Cringe Compilations or his video 'LEAFYISHERE COPIED ME'

Early days of the channel

MisterAmazing started his channel off making a video called '5 Facts McDonald's Doesn't Want You To Know About' and '50 Amazing Facts You Won't Believe Are True'

Cringe Compilations/You Laugh, You Lose

On March 5th 2015 MisterAmazing uploaded his first Cringe Compilation to YouTube titled 'Cringe Compilation Week 1 of March' and had continued to make them for around 11 months and his first You Laugh, You Lose video was on the 30th December 2015 titled 'You Laugh, You Lose: December 2015'

Copyright Issues/Channel Takedown

In late February MisterAmazing's channel got taken down due to copyright strikes because cringe compilations don't fall under fair use since it isn't used as criticism or education but he was able to contact one of the people that gave him a copyright strike and they said that they would remove the strike (This would make him have his channel back) as long as he deleted all of his Cringe Compilations so he did then he made a video announcing his channel is back.

God Has Left Us

On the 3rd April 2016 MisterAmazing created his series 'God Has Left Us' which was basically a cringe compilation but with commentary over it and he only made three episodes of it.


Progressivisms is a series where he reacted to extreme-feminism videos

Leafy Drama

When MisterAmazing used the 80s channel aesthetic multiple YouTubers copied off him by using it such as other cringe compilers like CRINGE CORE and eventually Leafy published a tweet asking for an outro like MisterAmazing and then Leafy and multiple other YouTubers went on to use it then when iDubbbzTV made a Content Cop on LeafyIsHere he made the video 'LEAFYISHERE COPIED ME' calling out Leafy and multiple other YouTubers such as Luna and LTCorbis. When he posted the video it got on to Killer Keemstar's DramaAlert and then a YouTuber called NFKRZ responded defending himself, Pyrocynical and Bamanboi saying that they used the channel aesthetic in videos before him and MisterAmazing responded with a video titled 'DAMAGE CONTROL' saying how Bamanboi used the channel aesthetic after MisterAmazing first did and responded to certain types of comments.

Video Essays

After the LeafyIsHere drama he changed his content to video essays which one of his video essays called 'Black Mirror: Dystopia Done Right' which got over 100,000 views

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