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Mathieu Brunelle better known online as Misty Chronexia is a male YouTuber who mainly does top 10 lists based on anime, but also occasionally does let's plays of anime-related games, as well as other random anime-related content. He is the most subscribed Anime YouTuber on YouTube with over 1.1 million subscribers along with 280 million video views.

Personal Life

Before becoming a Youtuber, he was a writer, he wrote a novel in french called "Chronexia et les huit sceaux" and that got ported to english after many requests. Unfortunately there was a bit of a backlash regarding the book's quality after the translation. Beyond that, Misty is known for being the most subscribed YouTuber who creates solely anime-related content, having 1M subscribers in total, and quickly increasing as time continues to pass. Misty also has a second channel, called Misty/Chronexia - Octavia, which is a channel dedicated solely to doing video game let's plays. 

Misty loves to meet fans in person at conventions. He's mainly known for attending Otakuthon in Montreal. he attended Anime Expo in 2016 in Los Angeles, California. He is very kind and he takes the time to talk to you. I've met him twice and he remembered me. You can tell he cares about his fanbase. Despite a lot of people not liking him he remains level-headed, polite and professional.

Due to the heavy workload he has to produce every week, Misty works in tandem with his wife, Jessica. Misty focuses on the scripting, the narration, replying to tweets and comments, and the editing of major videos such as the weekly top lists. Jessica usually cover the research aspect, the paperwork and the editing of smaller videos.

Misty's Popular Playlists Videos

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Misty/Chronexia - Octavia

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The Weebcast

Special Episodes

  1. Space Patrol Luluco - Weebcast ft. Misty/Chronexia, 2BFLiam, Takahata101, and Truongasm


  1. "Oh, right in the nuts."
  2. "It's got vivid colors!"
  3. "I don't have enough length."  
  4. "He choked on his banana."  
  5. "I like child abuse "
  6. "School Days: this show would have been decent if it wasn't for it's godawful ending."
  7. "I fuck myself everyday." 
  8. "Oh Shit! No, mine's the biggest!"