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Hey guys, Mithzan here and today, I'm playing...


Mithzan, also known as Mithzan Productions, is a YouTuber who mainly uploads gaming videos.

Mithzan's real name is Max, and he was once a video editor for SkydoesMinecraft's channel. Max has appeared on these following YouTube channels: Office Antics, SkydoeMinecraft, SkyvsGaming, SkydoesThings, ThatGuyBarney, and YourPalRoss. Max has been in the Duct Tape challenge and the Shock challenge. In May 2016, Max and his friend YourPalRoss left the Sky Offices. Although all still friends, they do not work in the same place now. Max and Ross are roommates along with TimdotTV, a friend of theirs and SkydoesMinecraft's. Tim has been seen in a total of three of Mithzan's videos.


The games seen on his channel are Minecraft, Undertale, and Would You Rather. Max is rather fond about Undertale and Minecraft. In his channel trailer, he also states he will be doing Live Action Skits and Animations. His content is somewhat humorous and he is very great full to his fans. He has a face-cam with a yellow soundproofing foam as a background. His microphone also has yellow protection on it.


  • He actually didn't go to a film school. He just watch a lot of YouTube guides on how to edit.
  • He has an older sister named Amy.
  • He has a younger brother named Ramen.
  • His favorite dog breed is English Bulldogs.
  • His favorite anime is the Clannad series (coz they make him sob like a wuss)
  • He hates puns (even more with his name)
  • He has a little plushie buddy names David.
  • He edits with Photoshop
  • The Butt Knights were created because him and Ross were just goofing around before in Cops and Robbers.
  • He was born in Virginia.
  • He was raised in Louisiana.
  • He met Ross on Runescape.
  • He started YouTube on Runescape.
  • His signature "Z" necklace originated from Runescape. (from his avatar on the game)
  • He was born on November 15th, 1994
  • His girlfriend's nickname is "Cheese"

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