Moon vag is an internet fad that began in 2007, but gained mainstream popularity on YouTube in 2015. The fad depicts Moon Man as a profane, racist, homophobic rapper, voiced by the AT&T Mike text to speech program. Moon Man videos, songs, and channels have been very controversial, and are typically deleted off of YouTube. However, the fad enjoys a substantial fanbase, with many videos and songs being reuploaded.


Before YouTube

On May 31, 2007, Moon Man was first featured on YTMND, a GIF with the song "Chacarron Maccaron". In the days following the original, several more Moon Man YTMND sites were created. Moon Man's first original song, "Money in the Bank", was released on September 3, 2007. In 2008, the Moon Crew was created as agroup dedicated to creating and spreading Moon Man related media. Several more songs were released within the next couple of years (the most popular being "Notorious KKk" and "Crank Dat", both released in 2009). Moon Man videos were also released on YouTube during this time, but the character's popularity remained fairly contained to YTMND.

On August 21, 2009, AT&T became aware of the Moon Man fad, and took action. When the words "moon man" are typed into the demo box, an error message is displayed. However, members of the Moon Crew found a way to bypass the error. 


The Moon Man character saw an unexpected rise in popularity in 2015. A reupload of "Notorious KKK" was released on May 24, and gained over 200,000 views within the next month until being deleted. Since then, several Moon Man songs, albums, skits, and reaction videos have been made. A Moon Man wiki was also created in 2015, but has been deleted.

Moon Man became more controversial in 2016 when his likeness was used to hack the channels of some popular YouTubers, most notably Jayztwocents, MattShea, and AngryJoeShow. In 2017, the YouTube channel of rap group Odd Future was hacked to feature "Notorious KKK".

Moon Man channels

There is no singular official Moon Man channel; instead there are several independent channels dedicated to Moon Man related content.


Perhaps the earliest Moon Man channel to be created, joining on June 9, 2009. Surprisingly, most of the videos uploaded by this channel have remained intact. A reupload of Moon Man's "Money in the Bank" (uploaded in 2009) enjoyed modest popularity before the fad became popular some years later. 

Moon Man

Currently the most popular Moon Man channel, with over 7,000 subscribers. They are most known for uploading the songs "Jew Pizza" and "KKKK". Several of their videos have been flagged and subsequently removed.