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MooseCraft or George is an American Gaming YouTuber who mainly uploads Minecraft videos, but also uploads videos of other games such as ROBLOX and real-life content on separate channels. In total, he has 10 separate channels but only 6 of them are active. His original Youtube account was actually called Mau5Craft, created in 2012 when he was 14. His MooseCraft channel was created on September 28th, 2015. In his Minecraft videos, he regularly plays with fellow YouTubers such as UnspeakableGaming, FavreMySabre, 09sharkboy, and ItsMeCyclone.He was a member of a group called Proper Productions which has two channels called ProperIdiots that upload more adult video games and ProperDummies that uploads daily Minecraft videos but he left along with  UnspeakableGaming.He named his fans "MooseArmy". He currently has over 1 million subscribers and almost 500 million views. He created a Youtuber group with UnspeakableGaming and 09sharkboy called 'TheSquad'. He also owned two Minecraft server with his YouTuber friends.

Personal life

MooseCraft or George is a 20-year old American YouTuber that was born on November 21, 1997. He has a girlfriend and he has one brother and one sister. He grew up in the city of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. He currently lives in Miami, Florida with 09sharkboy with his girlfriend.

Second Minecraft Channel

On 25 of June in 2017, Moose made a second Minecraft channel called MoosePlays, where he played Minecraft Pocket Edition with UnspeakableGaming and 09sharkboy. Moose also has more channels too, like MooseRoleplays, MooseBlox (ROBLOX), MooseMods, Life of Moose(His IRL Channel) and Moose, and Life of Lucy, a vlogging channel about hid puppy, Lucy.


  • "BEKFAST!"
  • "Moose Milk!!!"
  • "Nice hacks, bro."
  • "HACKER"
  • "FLIP"
  • "BIG BOOII!"


  • When Moose hit 1M subscribers, he live-streamed his reaction to it while playing random games in Hypixel server and also his own server (WildCraft). Now he normally plays on his new server ''.
    • But before he hit 1M subscribers, he live-streamed so many times waiting for him to hit 1M subscribers.
    • He has five new channels called "Moose Mods', "MooseBlox", "Life of Moose", "Moose Roleplays" and "Jeff the Moose"
    • He mainly uploads on Moose Mods with Jeff the Moose (his first moose in multiple series) and sometimes Cyclone.