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Richard Schepp (August 20, 1984 - January 21, 2014) known as Morfar also known as DJ Morfar was a Swedish gamer who played tons of horror games. His fans are best known as barnbarns. He started uploading videos in 2010. Morfar enjoyed playing Amnesia and World of Warcraft even having a guild with his barnbarns.Morfar did a lot of live streams on Twitch. Morfar had shown he gotten scared fairly easily and was sensitive. Morfar was open about his religious views of Buddhism and had (still do) several barnbarns interested as well. A few videos was shown where he practices and even gotten a warrior tattoo with a barnbarn as well. Morfar was passionate about animals especially dogs which he ran a charity website known as Charlie's Legacy in memory of his dog Charlie "Demon Dog" who passed away Jan 2013. His charity was to help save Thailand's dogs/animals.There is a dog shelter still building to this day in memory of Demon Dog and Morfar with the help of loyal barnbarns. He had 56,000+ subscribers and over a 1,000+ videos. He was active since December 14, 2005 when he started his gaming on Youtube.

On his page facebook, on 1/30/2014 a post by Sweeticia (girlfriend to Morfar) stated that "Morfar has passed away. There will always be one Morfar and has torn a huge hole into the gaming community. He will be great missed by everyone. His legacy will live on forever."