History Of The Most Viewed YouTube Channels

"Viewing a YouTube video" is the action of a YouTube account seeing a video made by a YouTube channel.

The list of the most viewed YouTube channels have changed since the beginning of YouTube but the list shown below is the current top 20 most viewed channels or in other words, the 20 channels to have YouTube accounts view their YouTube videos the most.

There hasn't been an official record of all the channels that have been the most viewed channel but there is evidence proving that channels such as CBS, Smosh, Universal Music Group, PewDiePie, RihannaVEVO, emimusic, Machinima have been the most viewed channel at one point in YouTube history.

As of July 25, 2017, T-Series is the most viewed channel on YouTube with a combined total video view count of over 20 billion.

Current Top 20 Most Viewed Channels On YouTube

The Top 20 Most Viewed YouTube Channels As Of July 25, 2017.

Channel Name Video Views Amount of Videos Channel Type Date Joined Channel's Language Channel's Country
T-Series 20.8 Billion 11K Music and Entertainment March 13, 2006 Hindi India
WWE 16.0 Billion 29.9K Sports Entertainment May 10, 2007 English United States
PewDiePie 15.7 Billion 3.2K Gaming Entertainment/Skit Comedy/Entertainment April 29, 2010 English Sweden
JustinBieberVEVO 15.7 Billion 123 Music September 25, 2009 English Canada
Ryan ToysReview 14.3 Billion 811 Kids and Family Entertainment/Toys/Education March 16, 2015 English United States
netd müzik 14.3 Billion 6.4K Music January 23, 2014 Turkish Turkey
LittleBabyBum ® 13.5 Billion 520 Kids and Family Entertainment/Toys/Education June 22, 2011 English United States
Fun Toys Collector Disney Toys Review 13.0 Billion 2.3K Kids and Family Entertainment/Toys/Education April 13, 2011 English United States
KatyPerryVEVO 13.0 Billion 119 Music December 12, 2009 English United States
Get Movies 12.8 Billion 2.7K Movies December 16, 2006 Russian Russia
Маша и Медведь 12.3 Billion 489 Movies May 31, 2011 Russian Russia
TaylorSwiftVEVO 11.9 Billion 77 Music May 12, 2009 English United States
RihannaVEVO 11.5 Billion 107 Music May 12, 2009 English Barbados
Spinnin' Records 10.9 Billion 8.0K Music July 12, 2007 English United States
DanTDM 10.5 Billion 2.5K Gaming Entertainment July 14, 2012 English United Kingdom
BuzzFeedVideo 10.4 Billion 4.3K Entertainment August 10, 2011 English United States
shakiraVEVO 10.3 Billion 138 Music September 2, 2009 English/Spanish Columbia
GMM GRAMMY OFFICIAL 10.2 Billion 5.2K Music November 7, 2010 Thai Thailand
Family Fun Pack 10.0 Billion 1.1K Kids and Family Entertainment October 2, 2010 English United States
El Reino Infantil 9.6 Billion 385 Kids and Family Entertainment/Toys/Education June 2, 2011 Spanish Argentina