A video view is when someone clicks and views a YouTube video for a certain length of time. This is based off of YouTube's current algorithm, where a "view" on a video is based on retention time. Prior to 2012, the YouTube algorithm was based on a view bases, where even clicking on a video for even as short as a second counted as a view for that video. However, in 2012, YouTube's algorithm shifted to where views were based on retention time and watch minutes. Since this algorithm shift, several YouTube channels have gained millions to even tens of billions of views

Channels by Viewership

The following is a chart featuring a list of the 200 most viewed YouTube channels, including VEVO channels (Updated March 14, 2018). This list will not include any terminated or deleted channels, nor channels with their view count hidden.

Rank Channel View Count
1 T-Series 33.312 billion
2 WWE 21.012 billion
3 Ryan ToysReview 19.921 billion
4 NetD Müzik 19.557 billion
5 PewDiePie 17.329 billion
6 JustinBieberVEVO 17.064 billion
7 Little Baby Bum® 16.122 billion
8 SET India 15.508 billion
9 Get Movies 15.469 billion
10 KatyPerryVEVO 15.288 billion
11 Маша и Медведь 14.853 billion
12 TaylorSwiftVEVO 14.470 billion
13 Canal KondZilla 14.364 billion
14 zeetv 14.305 billion
15 FunToyzCollector 13.828 billion
16 El Reino Infantil 13.506 billion
17 ChuChu TV Kids Songs 13.123 billion
18 shakiraVEVO 13.017 billion
19 ABS-CBN Entertainment 12.599 billion
20 Ed Sheeran 12.520 billion
21 RihannaVEVO 12.493 billion
22 BuzzFeedVideo 12.412 billion
23 Spinnin' Records 12.410 billion
24 DanTDM 12.294 billion
25 GMM GRAMMY OFFICIAL 12.021 billion
26 TheEllenShow 11.560 billion
27 Movieclips 11.334 billion
28 PopularMMOs 10.739 billion
29 EminemVEVO 10.423 billion
30 EnriqueIglesiasVEVO 10.355 billion
31 WorkpointOfficial 10.192 billion
32 10.074 billion
33 SMTOWN 10.045 billion
34 ToyPudding TV 9.677 billion
35 Baby Big Mouth 9.474 billion
36 Movieclips Trailers 9.298 billion
37 David Guetta 9.225 billion
38 Fueled By Ramen 9.095 billion
39 jacksepticeye 9.065 billion
40 Markiplier 9.040 billion
41 VanossGaming 9.026 billion
42 Maroon5VEVO 8.896 billion
43 Super Simple Songs 8.843 billion
44 The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon 8.821 billion
45 MalumaVEVO 8.816 billion
46 jbalvinVEVO 8.757 billion
47 Bruno Mars 8.694 billion
48 As/Is 8.646 billion
49 CalvinHarrisVEVO 8.564 billion
50 NickyJamTV 8.512 billion
51 VEGETTA777 8.508 billion
52 1theK 8.487 billion
53 Blu Toys Club Surprise 8.222 billion
54 ArianaGrandeVevo 8.205 billion
55 Ch3Thailand 8.160 billion
56 beyonceVEVO 8.070 billion
57 Zee Music Company 8.049 billion
58 OneDirectionVEVO 7.936 billion
59 LuisFonsiVEVO 7.797 billion
60 Galinha Pintadinha 7.796 billion
61 CookieSwirlC 7.752 billion
62 CVS 3D Rhymes 7.601 billion
63 Ultra Music 7.508 billion
64 Eros Now 7.503 billion
65 WORLDSTARHIPHOP 7.425 billion
66 Wiz Khalifa 7.328 billion
67 IGN 7.325 billion
68 Smosh 7.110 billion
69 PitbullVEVO 7.100 billion
70 Coldplay  7.048 billion
71 Genierock 7.019 billion
72 Family Fun Pack 7.009 billion
73 toyoraljanahtv 6.896 billion
74 Wave Music 6.891 billion
75 AdeleVEVO 6.858 billion
76 JuegaGerman 6.826 billion
77 LEGO 6.755 billion
78 Atlantic Records 6.710 billion
79 officialpsy 6.668 billion
80 SAB TV 6.630 billion
81 Disney Channel LA 6.627 billion
82 ChrisBrownVEVO 6.618 billion
83 stampylonghead 6.587 billion
84 Trap Nation 6.575 billion
85 FGTeeV 6.543 billion
86 DisneyCarToys 6.504 billion
87 ChainsmokersVEVO 6.424 billion
88 Лунтик 6.390 billion
89 FBE 6.344 billion
90 elrubiusOMG 6.343 billion
91 RsiamMusic 6.343 billion
92 Fernanfloo 6.315 billion
93 CollegeHumor 6.209 billion
94 Ozuna 6.107 billion
95 SelenaGomezVEVO 6.081 billion
96 Britain's Got Talent 6.022 billion
97 SiaVEVO 6.009 billion
98 YRF 5.929 billion
99 Colors TV 5.897 billion
100 TheWeekndVEVO 5.889 billion
101 RomeoSantosVEVO 5.878 billion
102 Jimmy Kimmel Live 5.795 billion
103 DisneyMusicVEVO 5.786 billion
104 Mother Goose Club 5.726 billion
105 Turma da Mônica 5.718 billion
106 rezendeevil 5.692 billion
107 Machinima 5.688 billion
108 avex 5.534 billion
109 GR6 EXPLODE 5.526 billion
110 Major Lazer 5.521 billion
111 Linkin Park 5.518 billion
112 Speed Records 5.513 billion
113 Sony Music India 5.446 billion
114 Rooster Teeth 5.420 billion
115 enchufetv 5.402 billion
116 FUNnel Vision 5.390 billion
117 AuthenticGames 5.389 billion
118 LadyGagaVEVO 5.358 billion
119 TheRichest 5.353 billion
120 HobbyKidsTV 5.329 billion
121 one31 5.323 billion
122 NickiMinajAtVEVO 5.279 billion
123 michaeljacksonVEVO 5.159 billion
124 The X Factor UK 5.101 billion
125 FifthHarmonyVEVO 5.074 billion
126 Kids TV 5.030 billion
127 GMA Network 5.011 billion
128 MeghanTrainorVEVO 4.982 billion
129 JenniferLopezVEVO 4.980 billion
130 POPS MUSIC 4.942 billion
131 Annoying Orange 4.937 billion
132 Dude Perfect 4.911 billion
133 Mejores Juguetes 4.898 billion
134 CKN Toys 4.862 billion
135 DisneyJuniorUK 4.845 billion
136 Mister Max 4.772 billion
137 AviciiOfficialVEVO 4.755 billion
138 hajime 4.750 billion
139 Jason Derulo 4.723 billion
140 Teremok TV 4.707 billion
141 TheWillyrex 4.682 billion
142 Rotana 4.678 billion
143 GMM GRAMMY GOLD OFFICIAL 4.613 billion
144 SQUEEZIE 4.612 billion
145 NBA 4.606 billion
146 MattyBRaps 4.601 billion
147 Henrique e Juliano 4.601 billion
148 RomanAtwoodVlogs 4.590 billion
149 Cat Music 4.583 billion
150 BBC 4.552 billion
151 FailArmy 4.551 billion
152 Sesame Street 4.547 billion
153 SevenSuperGirls 4.544 billion
154 Miss Katy 4.528 billion
155 Skrillex 4.500 billion
156 Videogyan 3D Rhymes 4.481 billion
157 Just4fun290 4.477 billion
158 HikakinTV 4.476 billion
159 Kan & Aki's CHANNEL 4.459 billion
160 5-Minute Crafts 4.439 billion
161 Gallina Pintadita 4.422 billion
162 Daddy Yankee 4.388 billion
163 BIGBANG 4.348 billion
164 Kontor.TV 4.336 billion
165 ShawnMendesVEVO 4.296 billion
166 Charlie Puth 4.271 billion
167 Team Coco 4.270 billion
168 MBCentertainment 4.266 billion
169 TotoyKids 4.264 billion
170 SonyMusicIndiaVEVO 4.259 billion
171 POPS Kids 4.255 billion
172 Барбоскины 4.236 billion
173 Ultra Bollywood 4.230 billion
174 rsfriends 4.159 billion
175 BritneySpearsVEVO 4.150 billion
176 EllieGouldingVEVO 4.140 billion
177 Good Mythical Morning 4.135 billion
178 Pinkfong! 4.101 billion
179 KBS World TV 4.100 billion
180 Mother Goose Club Playhouse 4.100 billion
181 Fischer's 4.093 billion
182 ImagineDragonsVEVO 4.086 billion
183 Marília Mendonça 4.080 billion
184 The Young Turks 4.077 billion
185 KSI 4.060 billion
186 Kids Line 4.048 billion
187 Toy Trains 4u 4.033 billion
188 NoCopyrightSounds 4.031 billion
189 KanalD 4.015 billion
190 The Late Late Show with James Corden 4.009 billion
191 RickyMartinVEVO 3.946 billion
192 Filmi Gaane 3.939 billion
193 Pocoyo 3.934 billion
194 Vat19 3.930 billion
195 fixiki 3.929 billion
196 DemiLovatoVEVO 3.905 billion
197 GameGrumps 3.892 billion
198 NaoFun Toys 3.862 billion
199 Boyce Avenue 3.854 billion
200 Jake Paul 3.827 billion

Most Viewed Channel History Timeline

Note: emimusic's channel stats were inaccessible from March 2011 to March 2014. Therefore, the date on which it became the most viewed channel is estimated.

Note II: Due to this, RihannaVEVO was recognized by YouTube historians and viewers as the most viewed YouTube channel from March to July 2014. PewDiePie surpassed her Vevo channel on July 19 that year and was considered by most to have the most viewed channel on YouTube, but actually didn't until he surpassed emimusic's channel later that year.

Note III: From 2010-2011, VEVO was listed on the official YouTube charts page as #1 (at one point being listed as having over 100 billion views), but this combined the views from all the VEVO channels. Also in 2010, UMG disappeared from the YT charts page (in similar fashion to emimusic), however, the channel still had the most views.

Channel Channel Type Channel's Country Date Achieved
Smosh Sketch Comedy United States Early 2006
Judson Laipply Vlog United States May-July 2006
Smosh Sketch Comedy United States Late 2006
CBS Television And Film United States Early 2007
Universal Music Group Music United States July-August 2007
Machinima Gaming United States February 16, 2013
emimusic Music United States Around March 8, 2013
PewDiePie Gaming Sweden December 29, 2014
T-Series Music And Film India February 14, 2017


The first recorded most viewed channel on YouTube was Smosh. In the first half of 2006, Smosh became YouTube's most subscribed and most viewed channel, aside from their comedy and music sketches, was mostly due to the success of their "Pokemon Theme Music Video".

However, the channel was surpassed by Judson Laipply's in the middle of the same year as his "Evolution of Dance" propelled him to the top of the most viewed and most subscribed channels on YouTube. Similar to Smosh's Pokemon Theme Music Video, it also experienced a reign as YouTube's most viewed video.

Smosh overtook him afterwards as unlike Laipply, was begining to become more consistent on their YouTube channel but by posting more sketches, mostly comedy. Smosh holds the record as being the most viewed channel the most amount of times which is two.

However, CBS' high abundance of videos at a consistent rate on their YouTube channel which included television and news from America's most watched network overtook Smosh in the early part of the next year and became the first channel to reach 100,000,000 views. Arvil Lavinge's "Girlfriend" became the first video to reach that number in August the same year, making the last milestone where a YouTube video hit the same view count than a YouTube channel as a whole did in the same year.

Vevo since then, specifially since 2012, has had their "VEVO certified award", awarded to Vevo artists who has videos which exceeds 100,000,000 views.

CBS' reign and it's glory of historically proclaiming the title of being the first channel to reach 100,000,000 views was short lived however. Universal Music Group surpassed the channel around the same time the first YouTube video reached 100,000,000 views.

The channel had gained popularity on YouTube in just it's first year of existence by posting the top music videos at the time, even peaking as YouTube's second most subscribed channel by the end of that year, a feat and achievement no other music channel would reach on YouTube until JustinBieberVEVO did so on December 2, 2017.

For nearly six years, Universal Music Group held the top title which is the longest reign a channel has ever been the most viewed. During it's reign, it was the first channel to reach one to six billion views but due to a view purge of the channel shortly after Valentine's day 2013, Machinima took the title who at the time had recently hit 4 billion total video views on YouTube.

Becoming the first gaming channel to reach the milestone, Machinima still managed to lose the most viewed channel title to emimusic less than a month later as though gaming had an increasing presence on YouTube and online culture in general, music was and still is more of a global phenomenon.

Since UMG's view purge happened, no channel had reached it's peak until emimusic surpassed UMG in most views ever on YouTube which was close to 7 billion, the only billion milestone they gained during their reign, doing so on November 25, 2014.

The gears shifted then again however as PewDiePie, the first channel to become the most viewed during it's most subscribed reign since Smosh's first reign, the first and only post-2006 channel to become the most viewed and the third non company channel to have the most viewed channel on YouTube behind Judson Laipply and Smosh, surpassed emimusic towards the end of 2014 at around 7.2 billion views to have the most viewed YouTube channel of all time. By then, PewDiePie was already YouTube's biggest star, having 11 million more than the second most subscribed channel.

PewDiePie, whose channel was the first country other than America to become YouTube's most viewed channel became the first channel to reach eight to fourteen billion video views, surpassing UMG's record as getting the most views as the most viewed channel, until T-Series surpassed him on YouTube's 12th anniversary, Valentine's Day of 2017, when both were near 15 billion views, becoming the first Hindi and non English speaking YouTube channel to become the most viewed.

So far, T-Series' views has more than doubled since becoming the most viewed channel, surpassing PewDiePie as gaining the most views as the most viewed channel and UMG as having the most view gap to any other channel, which was over 5 billion achieved in the middle of it's reign, in August 2017.

T-Series has since become the fastest growing YouTube channel in views, even holding the record for the YouTube channel to gain the most views in a day, which was 90,908,347 views gained on March 1, 2018.


  • Smosh now sits as the 70th most viewed channel of all time after flip flopping in and out of the top ten most viewed YouTube channels from 2006 to 2014. In 2015, it got out of the top twenty after being surpassed by TheEllenShow for the twentieth spot.
  • CBS hit 1 billion views on YouTube in late 2017 although hundreds of channels have before it.
  • Universal Music Group has tens of thousands of channels with more views than them since it's video and view purge.
  • Machinima has over five billion views but is far from as watched or subscribed to as it was before.
  • emimusic became the second music and second overall channel that has been the most viewed to have a view purge, doing so in November 2016. Peaking at over eight billion views, the channel's views dropped under three billion, now having slighly over 3 billion.
  • PewDiePie has dropped down to the fifth most viewed channel. His channel's view growth has dropped down signifcantly since mid 2017 and many other channels seem to have gotten a better view gain than him but he still remains in one of the fastest growing channels in views, even surpassing JustinBieberVEVO in views at around 16.752 billion views in early New Years Day of 2018 after his monthly view gain increased some, exactly 30 days after JustinBieberVEVO surpassed HolaSoyGerman. to become the second most subscribed channel, just behind PewDiePie. JustinBieberVEVO would lose the second peak position a month and a half later to T-Series, a position T-Series still holds today.
  • Due to T-Series becoming the fastest growing YouTube channel in views, it has become one of the fastest growing in subscribers of all time as well.

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