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Mother's Basement, real name Geoff Thew, is a YouTuber who makes anime and game analysis videos, as well as a self proclaimed "professional dirtbag."  He's best known for the series What's in a Scene?, where he over-analyses particular scenes in anime and What's in an OP?, where he over-analyses the openings of particular anime.  He's good friends with Digibro, and has made a four hour long debate on whether the anime series ERASED is any good.

Good Friends on YouTube

  1. Digibro
  2. Baka Oppai
  3. BestGuyEver
  4. Subsonic Sparkle
  5. HappiLeeErin (Erin)
  6. YokuramaGameTalk (Yokurama or Yoku)
  7. LouTalksAnime (Lou)
  8. PressHeartToContinue (Dodger)

What's in a Scene?

What's in a Scene? is a series where Mother's Basement analyzes specific scenes in an anime, what the meaning, possible symbolism and/or foreshadowing that might be in them, such as when he analyzed the park scene and the symbolism of the color red in ERASED. Another example is the video he did on how to read between the lines in Welcome to the N.H.K.

What's in an OP?

What's in an OP?  is a series where Mother's Basement analyzes the opening of an anime series and dissects weather it's good or not based on the possible symbolism and/or foreshadowing that it might or might not possess.

What's in a Game?

What's in a Game?  also known as What's in a Level?  is a series where Mother's Basement analyzes a particular level in a specific video game, such as the revolutionary tutorials in Hitman.  


Pro Crastinators Podcast

Although not directly run by Geoff Thew himself, he does make a regular appearance on the podcast alongside mostly his friends on youtube, with the exception of Ben Saint, whom is a comics author.  


MangaPod Book Club


  1. MangaPod Book Club Episode 132:  Untouchable (Chapters 0-30)

The Weebcast

The Weebcast is a seasonal podcast where that Goeff occasionally guests on, hosted by Digibro, where they talk about the upcoming seasonal anime.  


  1. Spring 2016 Anime Impressions [w/ Mother's Basement, Liam of The Sw1tcher, Best Guy Ever, & Canipa]
  2. Summer 2016 Anime Impressions - The Weebcast w/ Mother's Basement, Best Guy Ever, & Popushi
  3. Fall 2016 Anime Impressions - The WeebCast ft. 2BFLiam & GREATBLACKOTAKU(posted on his channel because Digibro couldn't make it)

Special Episodes

  1. HalloweebCast - Horror Anime Recommendations ft. Gigguk and Digibro
  2. Space Patrol Luluco - Weebcast ft. Misty/Chronexia, 2BFLiam, Takahata101, and Truongasm

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