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Mr. Nightmare is an anonymous Youtuber who makes horror-centered videos in a read aloud format. Fan favorite series include: True Real Life Scary Stories, and many others.  

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Jonathan is most famous for his early videos of stacking cups on top of each other wich blew up in early 2007. As a young YouTube sensation he focus on his new channel. Mr. Nightmare's channel mostly focuses on the subject of horror. Most of which contains: creepypastas, horror-themed countdowns, interactive horror stories, freaky video clips. Despite so, his content may vary, ranging from scary video game glitches to bone-chilling real life stories.

Most videos are done by recording himself reading aloud stories and other horror-themed content, sometimes with added sound effects for immersion. He allows viewers and fans to submit horror stories to be read aloud and uploaded onto his channel. The uploading of his videos are erratic, however it does say in his channel banner that he uploads 2 videos a week.

Personal life

Not much is known about Mr. Nightmare. He has never done a face reveal and only his voice has been heard so far. However, in his 'About' page, he claims that he lives in the United States. During one point of his life, Mr. Nightmare encountered a stranger lurking at his trailer that he occupied during summertime. It was later revealed that the trailer was broken-into.

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