AJCosplay, or just AJ, is a YouTuber who specializes in making analytic content about anime, either analysing an anime itself, or a person or topic in the anime industry.  He's good friends with fellow anime analytic Oscillit.  

Good Friends on YouTube

  1. Oscillit


Anime Analytics

  1. Anime Analytics:  Evangelion, Lucky Star, and the death of the Author

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Cosplay Trailer

  1. (Cosplay Trailer) Fate/stay night:  Unlimited Blade Works


  1. My Problems With The Phrase Guilty Pleasures
  2. Fate/Zero:  The Appeal of the Classic Greek Tragedy
  3. Mamoru Hosoda - Will He Be the Next Hayao Miyazaki?  
  4. Toonami Promos - Creating a Better Cartoon Show [Part 1/2)
  5. Toonami Promos - Respecting 20 Years of Anime [Part 2/2)

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