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MrBeast is an American YouTube commentator. The channel is mainly run by Jimmy (himself) and his Room-mate Chris. His channel blew up from his popular "Worst Intros" series. There are about 60+ episodes of the series, and is still continuing. He also makes other series, for example, there is an opposite of "Worst Intros" which is "Best Intros". He also makes "Worst YouTube Channels Ever," etc. His channel had a spike in which he gained much fame and popularity by counting to 100k, which is estimated to continue.


Worst Intros

The series is made of 60+ videos. In these videos, MrBeast rants on horrible intros. Throughout the series, he repeats the same jokes involving bleach, leaving a child home alone with a phone and explosions! (to cure brain cells of course). Most of the intros were recorded on smartphones, with the YouTubers dancing in front of the camera with music in the background, holding a sign that says their usernames (generally paper). Tto add even more insult to injury, you usually could not read what the sign says. He occasionally also stumbled upon troll intros made soley to become a part of his series


MrBeast is also known by hating Minecraft, a Swedish game developed by Mojang. He made a two-episode series of it, and was completely finished playing the game for good when his house got blown up by a creeper, the most famous antagonist in the game. Due to that incident, he removed the game from his computer. Ironically, Jimmy started of as a 'cringy' Minecraft YouTuber himself. If you scroll back far enough you can still find his videos to this day.

Fan Videos

MrBeast has roughly 600,000 subscribers currently. Some of those who are subscribed to him run down the street and shout his name, some fans performing rituals in the name of MrBeast repeating the words, "All hail Mr. Beast!"

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