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8BitPolitics  (Born: May 3 1998) Is a gaming & vlogging YouTuber, Witch is mostly popular for his vlogging video, Where he said bad things about PewDiePie.


CJ started making videos in the summer of 2009, at the age of 11 with his younger cousin under the username "lilcharliej." They made cringey webcam videos together. Also in 2009, CJ began making gaming videos by doing slideshow compositions of his favorite video game characters and video game consoles. Those videos are still watchable today.  Not much is known about CJ's YouTube history between 2010-2011 but he claims to have been making gameplay videos and reviews with his Flip Mino HD camera, which he had received for Christmas 2010. Between those times, he went under several different usernames: UltimateDeathWish, TheUltimateDeathWish, xUltimateDWx, UltimateDW and other variations of that username.  2012 was the year CJ started to gain recognition. In 2012 he made an infamous video titled "Bronies Are Not Badass: They Are Homosexual" in which he used homophobic slurs to insult male fans of the TV show My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. 4Chan caught wind of his video, and began organizing raids against his channel. Eventually, his account was compromised and he got doxed. 

PewDiePie Sucks

CJ has no life, so he attempts to criticize someone 100x more successful than him. Let's face it Console peasant, you will never amount to what Felix is

Shut Down

MrNoobTubeGamer stopped making videos two months, But on April 27, he made a video Im Back !. He said that he was inactive cause of problems with family.