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Vlogger Gaming MaleIcon YouTuber
MrNoobTubeGamer (Born: May.1999) Is a gaming & vlogging YouTuber, Witch is mostly popular for his vlogging video, Where he said bad things about PewDiePie.


At the start of his YouTube channel, He wanst never popular. He just becomed popular for his video called: PewDiePie SUCKS !

PewDiePie Sucks

In the video, He said that he see the dislikes & mean comments, But just because of PewDiePie, he has te most dumbest fans in the world. I cant wait to take his fans & own PewDiePie. His videos are just popular because he mades Lets Play Videos. He likes to make Lets Play Videos, And PewDiePie dosent do anything original, And he makes sick videos. Thats the start of the video, And the video of course gotted at least 4000+ Dislikes, And 4000+ Mean comments, He said in his video that he uploaded it on his birthday. The weird thing is that the video is uploaded on 9 December, And name of the video is wrotten (May 2013). So we guess that his born on May.

PewDiePie SUCKS His Fans Are Also Idiots (May 2013)09:11

PewDiePie SUCKS His Fans Are Also Idiots (May 2013)

Shut Down

MrNoobTubeGamer stopped making videos two months, But on April 27, he made a video Im Back !. He said that he was inactive cause of problems with family.

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