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MrPaladin, also known as Mr. P, is an Australian YouTuber best known for his Team Fortress 2 videos.


The success behind Paladin's popularity revolves around his TF2 videos, more specifically, his Spy class tutorials on how to perform trickstabs, additional tips and tactics, improving ones own technique for the class and assembling loadouts. His style of gameplay is often relaxed and collected in most situations and devoid of profanity. MrPaladin is a well-known YouTuber in the TF2 community. The most popular of Paladin's series is How a Spy Thinks, where a gameplay footage would be shown and a voice over added in post production to explain what were his thoughts during the fast pace action. Other series include Let's Plays, Q&A and occasional vlog videos.

Paladin occasionally plays Mann vs Machine with other TF2 YouTubers such as Uncle Dane, King Raja, FUNKe, Ardy, etc. He often collaborates on his server with a number of his friends; Spirit, Yolo and Balubish.