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Ryan (left) and Rob (right), as pictured on their old YouTube avatar.
Profile: MrWoofless
Twitter: @MrWoofless
Facebook: MrWoofless
Other Media: Twitch


Style: Gaming
Date Joined: February 1, 2011
Date Shut Down: N/A
Subscribers: 1 Million+*
Videos: 1,400+
Schedule: 2 Videos Daily
Status: Active
Channel Trailer
1,000,000 Subscribers!06:14

1,000,000 Subscribers!

Most Viewed Video
FIVE NIGHT AT FREDDY'S MULTIPLAYER?! Minecraft Five Night at Freddy's 216:11

FIVE NIGHT AT FREDDY'S MULTIPLAYER?! Minecraft Five Night at Freddy's 2

Robert "Woofless" Latsky, better known as MrWoofless, is behind the MrWoofless YouTube channel. He first gained popularity through the weekly Machinima series "Passive Aggression." He has a two-channel combination, mainly hosting Minecraft on his main channel, MrWoofless and other PC games on his secondary channel, TheWoofless.

Rise to Fame

The MrWoofless channel initially began as a channel that was supposed to hold "spoofs, montages, commentaries, dual commentaries, funny skits - all that good stuff to make you tingle where it counts." The channel mainly consisted of Call of Duty gameplay, and the channel slowly accrued subscribers over a few months. Originally there were two forces in the channel, Ryan aka McLaffyTaffy, and Robert.

Passive Aggression

Passive Aggression. We win games. With no kills.

–the slogan for Passive Aggression

Passive Aggression (often abbreviated as PA) is a series in which Rob and Ryan would gather a team and win games of Domination in various Call of Duty games without killing a single opposing player. These videos are often known for their unique editing style - colorful text, cuts timed to the beat of the music, and comedic soundbites of the players; widely-liked music featuring often up-and-incoming independent artists; as well as the featuring of other well known Call of Duty Youtubers such as SeaNanners, Hutch, Ons1augh7, and XboxAhoy.

Passive Aggression Returns ft05:07

Passive Aggression Returns ft. iPwnstar4hire & Drift0r

PA started as a simple attempt to create "the ultimate 'Objective-Play' game play"[1] by doing the opposite of what was mainly posted in Call of Duty gameplays on YouTube. Their first video - released on YouTube four months after the inception of the channel - was submitted to Machinima but was "rejected" in that Machinima wanted to wait and see if the concept would take off. Their next video was picked up by MachinimaRespawn - a branch of Machinima devoted to noteworthy gameplay - thus making MrWoofless a Machinima Director as of May 11th, 2011 [2], and every Passive Aggression video after was posted on Machinima Respawn. Passive Aggression soon caught the eye of the Call of Duty community, and, as a result, the MrWoofless channel soon developed a main cast including other Call of Duty YouTubers such as Straight Up Knives, the Hidden Masters, and CrookedReign. The series amassed thousands of followers, averaging at 40,000 to 50,000 views per episode.

While the main Passive Aggression video was hosted on MachinimaRespawn, the channel often posted Passive Aggression Fails! as well as Massive Aggression - when the entire team actively tries to win the game - to supplement Passive Aggression.

Passive Aggression has since been discontinued, as the introduction of round-based objective matches in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 caused difficulties in winning matches, as the scoreboard would be posted at halftime, allowing the opposing team to realize that they were not being killed. [3] The last episode of Passive Aggression was posted on the channel on December 21, 2012. The same video was posted on Machinima Respawn on March 4, 2013.[4]

Sometime in late 2013, a majority of the Passive Aggression videos hosted on Machinima's YouTube channel have been made private. Reasons for this remain unknown.

Story Time With Taffy

What's going on guys? It is Wednesday, and if it's Wednesday, it is time for Story Time With Taffy!

–Ryan's standard opening for Story Time With Taffy

Story Time With Taffy sprouted in the midst of the rise of Passive Aggression, created to tell Ryan's "old-man stories," giving the viewers an active, personal look into the man who handles the business side of the channel. His stories are about amusing snippets of his life revolving around subjects like his father, past jobs, old friends, and, most recently, his current life. Ryan often uses Story Time to provide a quick update to the channel, often stating the progress of the current projects as well as the direction the channel plans to head down. Ryan then uses the comments from that video to fuel the idea of the next Story Time video.

Story Time was originally a weekly series that was posted on the channel every Wednesday; however, on August 25, 2012, the series hosted its hour and a half long "Series Finale" declaring the end of the weekly series at its 35th episode.[5] Story Time will occasionally appear on either channel when Ryan decides to tell the view base another story, but is no longer a constant series.

Recent episodes have featured KermitPlaysMinecraft as a guest storyteller.

A State of Uncertainty

While the channel was mainly viewed for Passive Aggression, the channel posted various other series based on other games such as The Walking Dead, Diablo III, DayZ, and Minecraft. During Passive Aggression's decline, more of these videos reigned the channel. Around this time, it was unknown as to the direction the channel was headed.

Recent Channel Overhaul

On January 2nd, 2013, Robert released a video stating that after some self-reflection during a recent vacation, the channel would cease to focus mainly on Call of Duty due to the displeasure that the game now causes them.[6] He continues to state that Minecraft is the direction he wanted to take the channel, despite knowing that it was possible that might not grow as quickly as they were if they continued on their then current path.

Since then, the channel has recently revamped itself as a Minecraft channel - playing with other Minecraft Youtubers such as JeromeASF, BajanCanadian, and KermitPlaysMinecraft. This revamp has also created a new channel, Taffy's Man Cave, which is more oriented toward players of other PC games such as Dota 2, indie game The Binding of Isaac, and Trials Evolution.

Current series on the main channel (MrWoofless):

  • Various Minecraft Games including
    • Factions
    • Battle Dome/Seige/Arena
    • Parkour Challenges
  • How to Minecraft

In December 2013, Ryan announced that he would have to drop content creation on YouTube and Twitch in order to better accommodate the increasing workload as the business side of his channel. His "final" stream can be seen here.

Splitting Up

In the eight months between Ryan's "final" stream and his return to Taffy's Man Cave in January of 2015, Ryan and Woof had a falling out[7]. Reasons why are unclear, and the channel split apart quietly. Rob kept the MrWoofless channel and Ryan kept his Man Cave. As of February 2015, all videos on the MrWoofless channel with Taffy have been set to private. Taffy stated that he is looking for a "fresh start" and now continues to create gameplay footage of indie games.


The MrWoofless channel is focused on Minecraft as of the most recent years, and Rob continuously records with many other YouTubers, but mainly the Pack, which is a group created in mid-2014, and consists of TheBajanCanadian, CraftBattleDuty, Vikkstar123, TBNRFrags (also known as PrestonPlayz), and JeromeASF. He is also apart of a fan-created ship with Preston, called #Poofless.


Ultra Hardcore Survival is a gamemode originally created by Guude and the Mindcrack community. There are several different groups that hold competitions with this gamemode, including Mindcrack, Cube, and the group that Rob is apart of, which is currently unnamed. This is a series which is highly anticipated by many viewers.

Rob has taken part in 8 total UHC seasons: 5 with the old group, and 3 with the new group. Expanding on the fact that there has been 10 seasons, Rob opted out of the 6th season with the old group, as well as many other well known UHC competitors, such as Preston and Vik. As for the first season with the new group, Rob missed that season, as he wasn't able to make the recording, though he appeared in the following seasons.

The new UHC group only consisted of YouTubers that played often with each other, like Mitch, Jerome, Preston, Rob, Vik, and others. Because of this, the group was small, having only 12 players in the second season. They created this because they felt as though the the other UHC group was gathering too many unknown players. They just wanted a small, more confined group, where they knew everybody's playing style.

Rob won the first and second seasons with the old group, teamed with: S1: Mat, or Nooch, and S2: Mat, Preston, and Vik. Upon being the last alive the first season (Mat was killed in an earlier episode), TurqMelon, the creator of this particular UHC plugin, changed 10% of zombies to match Rob's Minecraft head. Rob also won the fourth and final UHC season in 2014 with the new group. He was partnered with PeteZahHutt, or Brandon, which could be considered as Rob's UHC enemy, because Rob lost to Pete in the third and fourth season with the old group.

Rob is also known in UHC for having his team called "Team Hot'n'Spicy", and according to the season, having different versions of the name. For instance, Season Five was "Team Hot'n'Spicy V5".

How to Minecraft

How to Minecraft is a SMP that Rob, Mitch, Lachlan, Preston, and Vik had created. They invited many YouTubers, including Ali-A, JeromeASF, PeteZahHutt, TheBajanCanadian, Vikkstar123HD, PrestonPlayz, Craftbattleduty xRPMx, chocothecocobo ect.The IP address will not be released to the public. It is one of Rob's most viewed series. However, one episode received some hate because people believe he spawned in a horse egg to give to Vikkstar. But fans have been defending him saying that he doesn't have the correct permission to do so.


Silly, silly damage.

–Rob, multiple times while livestreaming the Binding of Isaac

With these changes, they have recently taken up livestreaming on TwitchTV, streaming Minecraft, The Binding of Isaac, Don't Starve, DayZ, and DOTA 2, often posting clips and entire streams onto their main channel.

They currently had two TwitchTV channels: WooflessTV and McLaffyTaffy. Rob streams Minecraft intermittently; Ryan's channel is now separate. The host of the stream will always notify followers of an impending stream before it starts on Twitter.

WooflessTV has been partnered with TwitchTV and has a subscription button where viewers can pay five dollars a month to get subscriber only benefits, such as special emotes that can be used throughout the entire site, as well as sub-only access to a Pixelmon server.

24 Hour Livestream

In an attempt to fund Ryan's newbought computer for the channel, on 3PM EST May 18th, 2013, the channel hosted a 24 hour livestream on TwitchTV [8], playing Minecraft, Call of Duty, DayZ, and other games with other popular YouTubers.


  • The most viewed episode of Passive Aggression features KYR SP33DY with 94,000 views as of June 2013.
  • The largest stream they've had was held on July 20th, 2013 with Mitch and Mat to celebrate WooflessTV's partnership with Twitch. The stream maxed out at 15,500 viewers. Due to the success of this stream, the trio have stated that they plan to do this once a month.
  • There have been a few cases where Rob has hosted a random Story Time episode.
  • As many new subscribers are confused: No, Rob and Ryan are not homosexual life partners.
  • Ryan is married and has three small children.
  • In a livestream Ryan stated - while Robert was on a bathroom break - that he wants his son, Greyson, to learn how to edit so that he could take over Rob's editing job and be rid of Rob once and for all.
  • Rob is currently believed to reside somewhere near Montreal, Canada, as in a Battle Arena Episode with BajanCanadian, he mentioned that he didn't live too far from Mitch.
  • Rob's real name is Robert Latsky and is a graduate of Selwyn House School in Westmount, Quebec
  • Rob is able to speak a little French, but is not fluent.
  • Rob originally went to college and studied financing before YouTube.


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