Mrcento, (Real name Mark) is a Scottish Gaming Youtuber.

Mrcento opened his channel in 2007 but only began gaming videos late 2016. After initially making car realted videos on the channel (which he has since deleted to focus on the gaming videos), He began with gaming series and walkthroughs. He is perhaps best known for his GTA V based "LSPDFR" and his "My Summer Car" series.

He made a brief return to vehicles to do a one off car video, a Vlog/Walkaround of his Land Rover. A lot of the games he plays reflects his interests.

His channel lists him as a gamer of over 20 years with a keen interest in cars and sports.

He is an occasional Vlogger and Livestreamer, also broadcasting on Twitch.


Marks first gaming video was an LSPDFR video titled "Two Victor Seven", uploaded on November 16th 2016.

He is a former digital media student.

His channel surpassed 500 subscribers in April 2017.

Games Featured On The Channel

Crazy Taxi

Euro Truck Sim 2






My Summer Car

Off Peak

Richard Burns Rally



The Long Dark


Mrcento has done a few Livestreams on Twitch to date and has said on Twitter that he will be doing Youtube Livestreams on his channel in future.

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