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Msfactualplays, better known as Snake, is a gaming Youtuber and streamer who does play-throughs of the Metal Gear Solid games and others. He streams on by himself, and also is a regular on Late Night with Cry and Russ, a variety gaming stream hosted by Cryaotic and RussMoney.


Not much is known about Snake, and most of the reason people come to his channel is to hear his voice. He got his nickname, Snake, because his voice very closely resembles the main character Snake/Sioux from the Metal Gear Solid games.

On Sept 25, 2015, Snake went on a live panel at Twitch Con 2015 with the late Night Crew, and revealed his face for the first time. Like his friend Cryaotic, he doesn't want his picture or any more information about him posted around.