2016 Animation Summary04:28

2016 Animation Summary

2016 Animation Summary

Kijo Icon

MtfoxX3's current icon, featuring Kijo, a villain from Flint and Steel.

MtfoxX3 ("Mt" or "Max") is a YouTube animator whose primary focus is her original series of shorts, Flint and Steel, but also produces memes, speedpaints, a few MAP parts, and rant videos on MAP/animation community topics.  She left the MAP community in late 2016 to focus on self-improvement and Flint and Steel, though she still participates in friends' MAPs. She has a very unique style composed of inward and s-curves, saturated colors, and "axe cheeks".

Flint and Steel

The prologue debuted in March and the first episode is due in October, but the series and characters have been around for a while.  The shorts will focus on the events of the story's first arc and avoid major spoilers, but introduce the characters and kick off the plot.  YouTube is currently not the intended platform for the series's final publication.

Flint and Steel takes place in Torchlight, a domed city surrounded by dragons and other mythical predators.  Some undetermined years before the shorts begin, these predators attacked the network of homes and markets outside the dome, forcing humans to retreat inside.  The shorts focus on the humans' struggle to keep the feral dragons outside of the dome.  Torchlight is also home to several anthromorphic or "domestic" dragons, who are forced to hunt and trade food outside the dome during the day.  Fear of the domestic dragons lands them in the middle of the conflict, and their presence makes it hard to detect which dragons (and humans) harbor ill will or outright malicious intentions for the city.

The shorts are planned to be 2-5 minutes each, fully animated, and voiced by volunteer actors on YouTube.


  • The name "MtfoxX3" is in reference to her first OC, "Maria the Fox"
  • She used Flint and Steel's titular character, Flint, as a persona for years until designing a rabbit fursona.
  • She is known as Max, master of s-curves, devourer of OCs, queen of vore, and not Vivziepop.
  • Although her style is often rudely compared to Vivziepop, a more famous YouTube animator, she takes little style inspiration from Vivziepop and has been developing her style for over ten years.
  • She has participated in Warriors MAPs without ever having read any of the books.
  • Despite designing a villain after snakes, she loves the scally little noodles, and has a corn snake named Silus (after a Flint and Steel character).

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