"Hello everyone, this is Mumbo"

―Mumbo Jumbo

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Oliver "Oli" (born December 1, 1995 (age 22)), or on YouTube, with a username Mumbo Jumbo, is a British Minecraft YouTuber who showcases redstone builds and teach ow to build them. He is also a member of the Hermitcraft server, having joined at the start of Season 2.

Before Independence

Mumbo's channel was once a collaboration channel, Oli as "Viva" and Tom as "DaCube". Their first appearance was at the ServerCraft Survival : Episode 5 : To The Nether! video that was released on April 1, 2012. They have other videos that was first that this, they kept it private and they gave the link in the description in the said video.


  • Mumbo's real first name is Oliver, known as "Oli" by his friends.  As of now, He has just over two million subscribers.
  • He's really into cars, surfing, filming, and photography.
  • His Instagram is @officialmumbo. He currently has around 38.9k followers
  • He has a Bengal cat named Benji.
  • Every time he does something dumb, he calls himself a moron or a spoon.
  • He used to use an excess of stone bricks. However, he has consciously tried to avoid using them in Hermitcraft season three.
  • The YouTube account was originally a collaboration between him, Mumbo, and his friend, "Jumbo". Jumbo has since left the channel.
  • He has a second channel simply called "Mumbo Vlogs", on which he posts cat videos, livestreams, product reviews, and a couple vlogs.
  • He has been accepted into Oxford University, and is currently taking a gap year before pursuing a career in computer science and programming.
  • He's 6'5".
  • He's a mythical beast (He's a fan of Good Mythical Morning)
  • He has a girlfriend named Vicky which he is currently dating and has not decided to have an engagement or marriage.
  • He is one of the four hermits who have over a million subs.


  • "Hello Everyone, Mumbo here."
  • "Due to the tragic portaloo explosion of May 2013, I have done my utmost to protect my lavatory... I apologize to my neighbors, that was not the cat, that was me."
  • "I have a hadron collider of a computer, but the frames are still dropping."
  • "I don't have a mustache"
  • "Onto the next question: Why do you like pens so much? It's... it's probably something to do with the fact that I don't have a girlfriend..."
  • "Then you can pick up your boats and hoes, and have a fan-tastic time!"
  • "I'm a spoon!"