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Profile: MunchingBrotato
Twitter: @MunchingBrotato
Facebook: N/A
Other Media: N/A
Style: Gaming
Date Joined: December 21, 2011
Date Shut Down: N/A
Subscribers: 500,000+*
Videos: 320+
Schedule: Daily
Status: Active
Channel Trailer
Minecraft OLD MAN vs WILD!08:44

Minecraft OLD MAN vs WILD!

Most Viewed Video
Roommates Episode 1 (Minecraft Machinima)04:06

Roommates Episode 1 (Minecraft Machinima)

MunchingBrotato (Real name is Tyler Christie, and on instagram goes by MunchingBurrito(Read More Later)) is a Canadian YouTuber who makes Minecraft videos, and a friend of Team Crafted. He's not a member of Team Crafted. He can be found making many videos with mainly SkyDoesMinecraft, DeadloxMC, Lilshortysgs and KKcomics. MunchingBrotato is usually playing the Minecraft Hunger Games on Sky's server, ( most of the time playing with the latter. He also has a server that he shares with Kyle, or KKcomics, and the designer Shelby (Lilshortysgs). At a young age he pooped in walmart, his exact age is unknown however there is animation of his story made by SubZeroExtabyte on the SkyDoesMinecraft channel.

Recently,MunchingBrotato broke up with Shelby (lilshortysgs). The reason is unknown and he has unsubscribed to her.

Alternate Personalites

  • He is known for having a different personality entirely called "Janet" or "Auntie Janet", Janet does many things that most people would not expect an older Auntie to do.The way he talks is gruff when doing her voice, and her personality includes being a whore, smoking various things, having children (whom she often abuses and beats), living in New Jersey, and having an old lady appearance with gray hair, wrinkled skin, and wearing a pink dress (or nightgown). Janet originated from a "Drama" AKA acting class that Tyler once took. 
  • Tyler also has a lesser-known personality, who is Mexican, and goes by the name of 'MunchingBurrito.' There is not much that is known about him, although this "character" is seen is his video, "Who is MunchingBrotato?" He appears with a sombreo, a poncho, and a lead with a donkey. This is also in the beginning of the, "Janet Does Survival Games." MunchingBurrito is only seen at the begining of the video.

Appearance and Personality

Tyler is seen with short brown hair; wearing black/grey glasses and usually wears his red checked shirt or his grey jacket, as seen on Instagram and Twitter. He has soft brown eyes and pale white skin. In case you were wondering, his star sign or Zodiac symbol is Aquarius. He also has just graduated High School. Unlike his alternate personalites, MunchingBrotato (or Tyler) is a young man with average intelligence (sometimes he can be a bit dim though). His personality is very energetic, and he enjoys screaming and laughing a lot. MunchingBrotato seems to love joking around as you see in many videos. He acts different around Lilshortysgs. He acts different around her because (he has made this very clear) they are a couple but they broke up recently.

Things Brotato Says

  • KYYYYLEEEEEE!!! (kkcomics)
  • HELLO EVERYBODY JANET HERE !!! (janet voice))
  • what the fuck is that!?

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