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Eriel Ren (born December 21, 1994 (1994-12-21) [age 22]), better known as MunchingOrange, Mose, or Mo, is a YouTuber known for his Pokémon Let's Plays and for playing Pokmon fan games, rom hacks, and licensed Pokémon games. Ren will occasionally play other games by Nintendo, but mainly focuses on the Pokémon universe. He also sometimes makes vlogs.


Eriel started YouTube in November 2008. He currently has over 800,000 subscribers, and over 280,000,000 views. He is currently uploading mostly Pokémon content, as well as branching out into the vlogging realm. His "MO Show" is a vlogging series that occurs on average bi-weekly, but doesn't necessarily have a schedule. This show is also on its second season. Eriel has played more than 20 Pokémon games. In 2015, Eriel teamed up with other Nintendo players and started a channel called the Lost Boys. In 2016, he started playing Yokai Watch and Pokken Tournament. In Feb 2016, Eriel teamed up with youtuber aDrive and started the Pokémon X and Y Egglocke Cagelocke series.

Personal Life

Eriel Ren was born in Puerto Rico and lived with his mom and sister. He later moved to New York City, then Florida, and finally Chicago, Illinois.

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