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MundaneMatt is a ranter from Oregon that mostly covers current events. He joined YouTube in 2009 and covers topics such as, news stories, feminism, gaming, movie reviews, and sometimes Onision. He currently lives in Portland, Oregon.


WTF News

On June 18, 2013, MundaneMatt started a series called "WTF News". The series is him ranting about current news stories and giving his opinion on them. In the past, he would cover news stories but started calling certain episodes "WTF News". The title of this series was mostly based off of his reaction to the news stories.


On June 21, 2013, MundaneMatt came out with a special series called "Z-DAY TIPS". This was also the same day the movie "World War Z" was released. Although this lasted only one day, he managed to upload 24 videos and a rate of 1 video per hour. These videos were tips on what to do during a zombie apocalypse.

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