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MxR Mods (also known as Henry Liang) (born July 5, 1994 (1994-07-05) [age 22]) is a mod reviewer, vlogger, and a gamer.

He is mostly known for reviewing mods in a series called "Skyrim Mods Weekly", which currently has 220 episodes and counting. Starting from early 2017, each video in this series might have a 2 weeks gap (more or less) between each upload due to the fact that interesting Skyrim mods are getting fewer as he has stated.

He also has a Fallout 4 mod review series, called "Fallout 4 Mods Weekly", which currently has 50 episodes and counting.

He also started a series called "Skyrim Special Edition Mods Weekly", in which he or his girlfriend, Jeannie ___ (know as potasticpanda, creator of Skyrim voiced follower mod "Recorder ") reviews mods for Skyrim Special Edition PC and console. This series has 8 episodes to date.

MxR has another channel by the name of MxR Vlogs in which he vlogs his daily life. (currently inactive)

In December 2016, MxR started a gaming and vlogging channel by the name of MxR Plays where he uploads gaming videos and occasionally vlog videos. In this channel, he created a series call "Mega Modded Skyrim" where he plays Skyrim Special Edition with Jeannie and of course, with tons of mods. He also created a series called "Frost Survival" where he plays Fallout 4's survival mod "Frost Survival Simulator ". He recently also started two new series, named "Ultra Modded Fallout 4" and "Stranded Deep". He also occasionally uploads videos which he plays "website games" such as Would You Rather with Jeannie.

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