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Ali Kabbani (Born: May 24, 1999 (1999-05-24) [age 19]), better known online as Myth, is an American YouTuber who resides in Michigan. He is also a well-known Twitch Streamer, and a professional Fortnite player. He is well known for being the #1 Fortnite builder across the community. He is a member of Team Solo Mid (TSM) and is currently the fastest growing team member in TSM. He has never revealed his real first or last name yet. Myth currently has 2.9 million subscribers with 130 million video views on his 'Myth' YouTube channel, and has 3.1 million followers and 35 million views on his 'TSM_Myth' Twitch account.


Myth started playing games at 4 years old. He started livestreams on Twitch on May 14, 2016. He mainly livestreamed a game known as 'Paragon', that is also a game from Epic Games (same company that made Fortnite), along with playing 'Miscreated'. Ever since the release of Fortnite, Myth, of course, played the game, streamed the game, and has made a huge success. Myth said he was one random small Twitch Streamer before Fortnite. And he had 800 YouTube subscribers before Fortnite. He wanted to date PokiMain but got rejected. Hp was Here LoL Bout to cop a fort win

Ninja Vegas Tournament 2018

Myth signed up for the Ninja Vegas Tournament 2018, which took place on April 22, 2018. Myth was on Heat 3, and played the 3 games in the heat. He was on the side stage with 3 other players, with Ninja, of course, always being at the front. As Myth is well known for being the best builder in Fortnite, he became the second fan-favorite to win, but it didn't go out as people expected.

Myth's Ninja Vegas Tournament Results

Heat # Game # Myth killed by Myth's Position Myth's Kills
3 1 Nobody (fell to his death) 14th 2
3 2 PredictableTV 49th 2
3 3 Twitch LTKeo 62nd 0


Myth plays with other professionals on Fortnite, featuring...

Subscriber Milestones:

  • 1,000,000 subscribers: March 11, 2018
  • 2,000,000 subscribers: April 22, 2018

Video View Milestones:

  • 100 million views: May 5, 2018