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NDLMongoose is a YouTuber who has voiced many videos for TatsTopVideos and does many different voice impressions.


NDL's channel is home to various impressions of different characters, ranging from Discord from the show My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic, to Smaug the Dragon, Mufassa from Lion King, celebrity Morgan Freeman, and Liam Neelson. Its shown NDL can vary his pitch, tone and creepiness accordingly, going from dark bassy, to light and moderate.

NDL also does Creepypasta readings, such as Suicidemouse.avi, AutoPilot and Robert The Doll.

NDL Mongoose has gained a suprsingly big number of fans across the web. Some of his fans have nicknamed themselves the NDL Cult, and even had a website promoted to him, worshipping NDL as their Master God, or even proclaiming him to be Zalgo.


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