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siN, owner of the YouTube channel NISLT, is a Lithuanian YouTuber who uploads daily content from the game Team Fortress 2, mostly contributed by his fans. In the past, he made gameplay video's completely centering around this same game. When he gained a decent amount of subscribers, he asked his audience to also make those kind of videos and send them to him, so he can upload them to his YouTube channel. He use to be partnered with Machinima.


NISLT currently has three ongoing series: How To, Frag Clip of the Day, and Pub Hero.

In the How To series, it includes unusual or funny moments in Team Fortress 2, mostly resulting in an unexpected success or exactly the opposite. NISLT describes it as "funny gameplay moments, epic fails from public server games, competetive games, tf2lobbies, mixes, highlanders".

Frag Clip of the Day exists of a player in the battlefield gaining a lot of kills in a short amount of time, which currently has over 225 "Frag Clips".

The newest series, Pub Hero, is considered a combination between How To and Frag Clip of the Day, when a player makes an unexpected move, which mostly causes a heroic moment. All of these series are contributed by his fans which are all over the world, including USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands, South Korea, Japan, China, Philippines, and many more.

Other series include compilations and The Sunday Show, which include many different video he recieved.

Comment Section

The NISLT channel has been very notable because of its extraordinary comment section, which holds many returning characters that post a comment which they are known for, while not being relevant to the video. Examples are KreshPlays, Spookwagen, TheSpyCrap, Skyriad, Brassy, DED, HappyJuice007, Diêgo Damohill Castro Lemos, Flapeter, MEDICPAN_, ManGuy, and a couple of others (there are people who roam the frag clips like Very Angry Spoi and Hoovy Bird). Because of this, other YouTube users have been very angered because of their comments, stating they're being annoyed and frustrated by them. In honour of this, NISLT created a video about the drama happening in the comment section, called "NISLT's Comment Section (The Movie)", and it's one of his more popular videos as of date.

Spookwagen, the most known user in the coment section, is curently inactive and his return is highly anicipated.