'nana825763', or PiroPito, is a Japanese animator on YouTube. His most popular video is the Username:666. There isn't much biography about this user, and he never reveals his face. His videos are not for those with a weak stomach, as they tend to be disturbing. His first animation was a video called Doll. There is a page about the YouTuber on Creepypasta wiki .

"Cute and Horror" 

nana825763 is best known for his unqiue style of art, which he repeatedly refers to on his Twitter as "cute and horror" videos. This style is better elaborated is youthfully feminine or kawaii that degrades into gore and hidden demonic agendas. As stated on his website, he is partly inspired by the Silent Hill franchise, which would explain his archtypal degradation trope. This is best exemplified in pokopokoshopping. Although the majority of his major uploads fall into this genre, some of his earlier work and his recent My house walk-through may gradually degrade; however, they do not possess the "cute" aspect which he more frequently uses.  

Other Uploads 

In addition to his animation uploads, PiroPito started Queen Ant A-chan's Egg Diary in 2009 and still continous it to this day. This series shows to progression of his pet ant colony and how he cares for them. There are above twenty uploads as of November 2017.  

On August 19th, 2017, PiroPito began his First Playthrough of Minecraft series.