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Hi, I'm Nate! I make music about anime and video games and other stuff I like. I hope you like it, too. If you do, be sure to subscribe!




Nate's YouTube name was generated from Pokemon, a game by Nintendo. He added his name, "Nate" with something trainers in Pokémon say when they spot you, "... Wants to battle!" And so, he called his channel "NateWantsToBattle." It currently has over 1 Million+ subscribers, and over 350 million views! He joined YouTube on Febuary 13th, 2012.


Nate is very well known for his music videos, whether it being parodies or English covers. He's been in a few bands too. Instruments he's used are as follows; acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mini harp, mandolin, ocarina, Spanish guitar, drums, piano, and keyboard. He also sings frequently. Before his YouTube career, he was a music teacher and he used to tune up guitars.

On March 1, 2017, Nate released​ his first original album, Sandcastle Kingdoms.


Nate has two channels; his original one and a new one called NateWantsToBattleGames. His original channel, NateWantsToBattle, is being used for music videos like it always has. While his new channel, NateWantsToBattleGames, is being used for Let's Plays and Video Games in general. He also has a collab channel called NateandDookie with him and Dookieshed and uploads every day. His ex-girlfriend, Morgan Want, also has a gaming channel. He's friends with Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, Matpat, and the Game Grumps


  • In a Q&A he said the anime female he relates to the most is Konata from Lucky Star.
  • It was also stated that he has a sweet tooth.
  • From October 28 to 31 he released 4 FNAF Videos to signify he is done with the FNAF videos and to promote his album.
  • His more popular songs are mostly about FNAF.
  • The song he changed the most was "Mangled", changing it 3 times.
  • He has voiced for Team Four Star as Zach for their Final Fantasy Machinabridged and has appeared in their mustache song.
  • He has voiced Link, and another character for Heroes Never Lose.
  • He has voiced Yoshichika in FUNimation's English Dub of "Luck and Logic".
  • He has voiced Marcel in FUNimation's English Dub of "Shingeki no Kyojin", better known as "Attack On Titan".
  • He has been in a previous band known as "Count me in". Can you find the legendary songs and old pics of Nate from his days back when he was in the band?
  • Nate has made numerous amount of channels in the past. If you can find them comment "NateWantstoWiki" on the discussion tab (Hint: look for their music channel first).
  • He is in a ship with MatPat from GameTheory. People call them NatePat.
  • There is a legendary song sung by Nate before he made the NateWantsToBattle channel over on Tumblr. The song is called "Here Right Now" and it is highly loved by the community.


Natemare is Natewantstobattle's unofficial but well-known alter ego. Natemare first made his cameo in the popular Mangled music video, and featured Natemare tying MatPat- from another YouTube channel called Game Theory- to a chair and terrorising him. It must've been pretty convincing, as Mangled is one of the most popular of Nate's videos. Natemare is popularly portrayed as seen in the Mangled video- black makeup around his eyes and dark purple streaks running down his cheeks. Considering Mangled is a FNaF 2 song, it's safe to assume this style was inspired by the Marionette, an iconic FNaF character. Many fans, however, consider this to be a canon appearance of Natemare, however Nate has not made his intentions clear yet. It's probably safe to assume that Natemare was just a makeup idea, and the fans made it into something much bigger.


If anyone is willing to join a NateWantsToBattle discord, please click on the link below to join. You can ask questions here and get them answered immediately along with meeting new friends who share the same interest!