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Necroscope86 is primarily a gaming YouTuber who picks games that he either finds interesting or that he played during his childhood. 


He doesn't have a favourite genre of gaming; he has played survival games like Resident Evil and SCP Containment Breach, old games like as Alex Kidd and action games such as Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Necro also has a habit of save stating his games. This is very prevalent in his Resident Evil and Fallout Let's Plays. It has since become a staple of his PC Let's Plays. He has a Twitch account, and often does livestreams with his various friends. He does not have a name for his fanbase.


he used an old channel named Retroscope86 before he switched to his current channel. He has worked with well known YouTubers such as Markiplier , Yamimash, LDShadowLady and MangaMinx on Prop Hunt and Trouble in Terrorist Town. 

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