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Necroscope86 is primarily a gaming YouTuber who picks games that he either finds interesting or that he played during his childhood. He is no stranger to YouTube.


He doesn't have a favourite genre of gaming; he has played survival games like Resident Evil and SCP Containment Breach, old games like as Alex Kidd and action games such as Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Necro also has a habit of save stating his games. This is very prevalent in his Resident Evil and Fallout Let's Plays. It has since become a staple of his PC Let's Plays. He has a Twitch account, and often does livestreams with his various friends. He does not have a name for his fanbase.


he used an old channel named Retroscope86 before he switched to his current channel. He has worked with well known YouTubers such as Markiplier , Yamimash, LDShadowLady and MangaMinx on Prop Hunt and Trouble in Terrorist Town. At 80,000 subscribers, he is slowly working his way up to fame. His commentary may not be as riveting as other YouTubers, but he tries his best.

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