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Dan in his most serious moments.
Profile: OfficialNerdCubed
Twitter: @dannerdcubed
Facebook: N/A
Style: Gaming, VLogging
Date Joined: March 20, 2011
Date Shut Down: N/A
Subscribers: 1.4 Million+*
Videos: 500+
Schedule: Sundays are "Father And Son Days" (Pun Intended)
Status: Active

Daniel Hardcastle (born March 23, 1989) known on Youtube as OfficialNerdCubed or Nerd³ is a British gamer well known for his rapid editing style and one-episode Let's Plays on his main channel, OfficialNerdCubed. Instead of doing a traditional Let's Play, he puts together a half-hour video that takes a look at the game, somewhat like TotalBiscuit's WTF Is? Series, but with more of an emphasis on humor and NerdCubed's editing style, which is inspired by "My Drunk Kitchen."


Nerdcubed uploads a video everyday consisting mostly out of Let's plays that are 1 episode were he just talks about the game and plays it. These videos last anywere from 15 minutes to sometimes up to an hour.

Schedule and Channel "Regeneration"

"Three Free Games Friday" was a prevoisuly very popular series which was discontinued due to the channel "regeneration" video. Other changes to the channel due to this video include "Little Vs Cubed" which was rebranded to "Little and Cubed" which will suposedly include challenges that will be set for the community instead of for themselves,the video mentions more Grand Theft Auto V being included within the series as well. "Father and Son-days" remain unchanged: these consist of video's uploaded on sundays. the videos feature Dan and his dad playing games, where they often play Little Big Planet. The recently launched "Soapbox" series has been moved to the IRL channel

Weekly Videos (as of 14/12/2013)':

  • Nerd3  plays - An editied video, previously a mix between comedy and review but now is just centered on comedy.
  • Nerd3  101 - A first impressions review series, or 102, 103 ect when he revisits a game.
  • Nerd3  The Alpha Detective - An updated version of "Early plays" where Dan plays games that are still in early stages of devolpment. These games may later be featured in "Nerd3  101"
  • Nerd3  Challenges - A series where Dan attempts to complete challenges either set by himself of the community.
  • Father and Son-days - Playing games together, Dan and his dad often feature Little Big Planet.
  • Little and Cubed - A series with InTheLittleWood where they mess around within sandbox games.

Occasional Videos

  • Nerd3 Permadeath
  • Nerd3 Extra
  • Nerd3 Completes


  • He has a tumblr called Nerd³ Actually
  • He has a website on which he worked "every day for two years. #SarcasmMeterExplodes"
  • Currently, he runs another channel, OfficiallyNerdCubed, where he uploads VLogs and Nerd³'s YouTube podcast, known to him as a "TubeCast".
  • Nerd³'s dad has his own channel, Dad³, after he became popular with Nerd³'s father-and-son-day videos where they both would play a game together.
  • His main account OfficialNerdCubed reached one million subscribers on July 27.
  • As of January 2014, Dan has over 1,450,000 YouTube subscribers on his main channel.
  • He mostly keeps his personal life private, although he has referenced a girlfriend in at least one tweet and mentioned that he was dating someone in his most recent video with Emma Blackery on his vlog channel.
  • It is a well known fact that Dan hates ducks.  This is because God struck a duck with lightning in a Minecraft Let's Play.
  • Dan does not believe in God.
  • Anywhere he visits outside of the UK is always referred to as Canada.
  • Dan Bull wrote Dan's intro.
  • Dan recently moved from London to Canada. Although this may not be his exact location it has been referenced in his RCT4 video that he has used dollars, and so therefore it is possible he has moved there or to the US.


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