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Gaming CanadianIcon FemaleIcon YouTuber

Kassy, known on YouTube as NerdHamp (short for NerdyHamster) is a Minecraft commentator/gamer. She plays minigames such as Survival Games, Sabotage, Mine Fortess 2, and more. When playing Survival Games, she is sometimes seen playing with Joey Graceffa & StacyPlays. She also has a vlogging channel called kassysosassy where she does challenges & vlogs, this channel currently has over 17,000 subscribers.


When Kassy started YouTube, a lot of people started viewing her videos. At her first video which she made, she got over 10,000+ views. When she hit 1000+ subscribers, She made a giveaway for her fans. After her giveaway, she again started making gaming Minecraft videos. Sadly, her last video was published on August 22, 2014. She just stopped making videos.


Minecraft Hunger Games 'DEMONIC NERDY!' Episode 123:26

Minecraft Hunger Games 'DEMONIC NERDY!' Episode 1

First Episode of MCSG

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