Where NewRodrick AUTTP started

NewRodrick AUTTP started his YouTube channel as Blayke Martin in October 2012, then he made his first video called "My Dog" in July 2013, but got deleted, he got subscribers and views in the past!

NewRodrick AUTTP has some friends like GidgetFan (Evil Womenrocks33), DeVionMine the GidgetFan Fan, Chryslerguy and DanTDM, Trayaurus and Nathan, and more! He has some victims like Womenrocks33, Victoria's Secret PINK imposter, Evil NewRodrick, Icing's UTTP AEDCP, and more!

May 2015: Blayke Martin is changed to DanTDM // Chryslerocks3000

June 2015: NewRodrick AUTTP made a gaming channel called Chryslerguy Minecraft, but Chryslerguy and DanTDM took over the channel in Feburary 2016

July 2015: DanTDM // Chryslerocks3000 is changed to DanTDM the Animator VGCP

November 2016: DanTDM the Animator VGCP is changed to ChloeFan2004 EDCP

June 2017: ChloeFan2004 EDCP is changed to NewRodrick AUTTP

Grounded Series

Here are the list of grounded series that NewRodrick AUTTP did 1. GuestRocks19992 Gets Grounded (2015-present) 2. Dr Trayaurus Gets Grounded (2015-2016) (cancelled because NewRodrick AUTTP now likes Dr Trayaurus) 3. Max Gets Grounded (2015-2015) (cancelled) 4. Fat Amy Gets Grounded (2015-present) 5. DeVion Gets Grounded (2015-2015) (cancelled) 6. Geoffrey Lovers Gets Grounded (2016-2016) (cancelled) 7. Caillou Gets Grounded (2016-2016) (cancelled) 8. Geoffrey Gets Grounded (2016-present) 9. Pontiac Gets Grounded (2016-2016) (cancelled) 10. Womenrocks33 Gets Grounded (2016-present) 11. Stupid Gets Grounded (2016-present) 12. StickGirl 2000 Gets Grounded (2015-2015) (old series cancelled but new series coming soon) 13. Missy Gets Grounded (2015-2015) (old series cancelled but new series coming soon) 14. Claire Gets Grounded (2017-present)

Error Series

Here are the list of error series that NewRodrick AUTTP did 1. Fat Amy Error (2015-present) 2. GuestRocks19992 Error (2016-present) 3. Geoffrey Error (2017-present)

OS series

NewRodrick AUTTP made 34 OS videos! You can watch all of the OS videos on NewRodrick AUTTP's website or YouTube! NewRodrick AUTTP announced that he will be returning the OS series in July 2017! NewRodrick AUTTP is removing the OS videos on his website because he has a new and designed website!

behavior card/chart day series

NewRodrick AUTTP made his first behavior card day on GoAnimate in May 2015, and his first behavior chart day on GoAnimate in May 2015! NewRodrick AUTTP made behavior shirt day videos on Plotagon! NewRodrick AUTTP announced to upload the GoAnimate behavior card/chart days except Trayaurus gets in dead meat in June 23 and make the final behavior card day in June 24! The behavior card/chart day series is cancelled!

Ask Tray's mom

NewRodrick AUTTP started a ask series with Tray's mom in 2016! NewRodrick AUTTP made 7 episodes, but all the episodes were deleted and the series was cancelled!